Parry length and CD between parries etc

  • Parries in this game feels way too long and have way too long CD before being able to use another parry. If i want to fight 2v1 i have to try to fit both of their attacks into one kind of long aimy parry instead of having 2 very short parries so i can time both attacks with my own full control. As it is now most people don’t stand a chance 2v1 and i think it should be doable without having to use abilities and even then being hard. It should be hard yes but not hard because of CD’s it should be hard because of timing and reactions. Couldn’t really put down what was so hard or strange until i played chivalry again today after 1-2 months of not playing it.

    Also some tuning to (maybe?) wind up speeds should be done and swing speed between classes seem so similar in some way maybe it’s the other way around but either way they shouldn’t be alike and almost all could be a little faster. Vigilist can spam swing from afar almost at same speed as tinker with maybe wind up speed being a little slower(not sure) and if another random class is on you at the same time i have little to no chance and same goes for others ofc i have my moments, but i’m speaking in general of what i’ve seen in about 16 hours and vypress can hit faster than one can parry due to CD so i have seen a vypress tactic of missing first hit on purpose just to get a free hit on second follow up.

    I want to be able to control my actions not press right mouse button shut my eyes for 1.20-2 seconds and hope i’m alive when i open them. (i don’t do that, but i think you understand) I think it should be low uptime parry windows but being able to use them more often.
    I think this would improve the feeling of not being helpless or feel almost certainly fucked 2+ versus 1 immensely.

    Sound is also very low on volume for me in alpha 5 except tinker screams.

    While in other games i blow my ears off on this volume.
    Also heartbeat sound gets stuck sometimes which is pretty stress inducing/annoying.

    Stasis or the circle ball thing that makes you incapable of doing anything also makes abilities not being able to be used afterwards until i die sometimes.

    Overall impressions is this is a very fun and good looking game. I love that you can parry back projectiles and wall climb/wall jump. Creates some really beautiful moments.

    Going to stop here before this becomes extremely long as i’ve already left pages long feedback through the “submit feedback” mail.
    I just felt this was worth mentioning now that i know more about what feels a little off in melee combat.

  • @Andean Thanks for the feedback!

    Parries are already shorter in duration than Chivalry with a shorter cooldown time. You can combo-parry; Parry again immediately if another weapon or ability is about to hit you. You must successfully parry in order to do this.

    You can find more info on our Mirage Combat Primer

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  • Are they really then i must be tripping because it feels like i can parry double as fast in chivalry! I mean i just played chivalry had not so much problems taking on 2 players, then thinking of mirage it’s parry one…long parry cd get hit… now i can parry one again… get hit. while in chiv i can parry both hits with two clicks. Of us two you are probably the one who is right but then what is it that makes it so i can’t even get parry up for the second strike even when hits are coming in with more delay between than in chivalry? maybe i need to make a real comparison. Thanks for your time!

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  • That’s why i said in first post i have to do a long aimy parry in which i mean i have to parry and move the aim to both attacks in the same parry window to avoid this. i mean i notice the same on enemies they can’t block both our attacks no matter how good they are, because it’s not about reflexes or aim it’s about CD

  • 1vs2* i’m gonna sleep…

  • @Reithur That’s PiP, Parry into Parry, combo-parry is when you combo a parry after an attack, different from CFTP, but similar.

  • @Xylvion yes exactly and that’s what i meant all along, two blades coming at me in just over 1 second and i have no time to strike in between and that’s what i mean was so much better when facing more than one opponent yourself. In mirage they can just time their strikes right in a rythm and i will die 100% against 2+ if not i use ability or avoid in some way. When facing 2 opponents one parry is most often not enough because they will surround you so i caa’t hit in between unnless i parry them both in the same parry window aiming at both during the animation.

  • @Andean you do have an active parry during the riposte windup though.

  • @Xylvion Does it have to be full or just the start of the windup? Because there’s usually not even time for a riposte windup before another blow comes striking from another player if they can time their hits right.
    A little strange :to be able to do a defensive thing you need to start doing a offensive thing first which makes less time for the defensive thing to be used at all. If i want to protect myself from another sword coming against my face should i pretend to stab him before parrying so he might stop? then why did i do it to use parry? It contradicts itself and creates another moment out of the moment i wanted with this action. Not only confusing the enemy, confusing one self too. or what is the logic here? Seems like an aggressive stupid move to do. At least in the scenarios i’m speaking about with more than 1 on you. Yeah a riposte can get a hit in but then there will instantly come another hit on me from another direction. So why is there a “have to start riposte anim to defend”? I always do riposte in 1v1 but in 2v2 before i knew this… can be stupid. Maybe not anymore when i know this now. But still not the best or most thought out idea to have to go offensive just to be defensive. Makes no sense.

  • I mean in 1vs2* not 2vs2 in the last post…

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  • You can click on the 3 dots in the lower right corner of a post and edit it, no need to spam posts.

    You should still be able to instantly queue another parry after your first succesful parry.
    The reason you parry during riposte windup is so you’re not stuck parrying over and over and over again against multiple opponents. When you riposte there’s a glow to your cloth trimming, same if an enemy ripostes so it’s easy to notice, you can still hit around their parry if they riposte so riposting into a 1vX scenario isn’t always optimal even with the parry.

  • @Xylvion Ah thanks that would have been nice to know, i should have searched a little more thoroughly. Yeah sure i can queue another parry instantly but it won’t come in to effect instantly and that just makes more of a problem with parries coming afterwards when you don’t even want them anymore so why would i want to do that?
    I’d rather be stuck parrying and decide which time is the right time than have to go offensive a little to get less defensive which in the end makes me have to parry even more as i got combat slowed in movement and lost time in anims.

    Hell yeah it’s not optimal, more often not then it actually is.
    That’s why i think it is a little wierd. You seem to misinterpret some of what i say as you answer pretty strange.
    So i’m gonna tell you what i want.

    Chivalry you had more then enough chance 1v2+ mirage feels hopeless when they can surround you so fast so a hit comes from your back and one from front or more. Parries in mirage feel like the window of parry is double as long with longer CD in between the next parry= Pretty much made for teams to gank on one guy while he’s not having a chance. This is vital to be able to turn the tides in a team match or just being able to stand a chance when facing many. Else everyone in the worse team will just charge in one by one or 2 and 100% die because they stress to not let the enemy capture points and then leave the server out of frustration when it reapeats itself over and over.

    I even join the teams that are doing worst and try to balance it mostly to no avail… so i get to fight a lot against many. I can win but it’s mostly due to using an ability like sword stab thing with tinker the moment they try to cut so i avoid them with it and coming back with an extra surprise stab directly after the ability stab. Because the parry is not available yet so i have to resort to the ability instead. I just feel parrying should be like chivalry. Where you had more of a fighting chance against more than 1.

  • @Xylvion said in Parry length and CD between parries etc:

    @Andean you do have an active parry during the riposte windup though.

    What really? I havent notice this one single time

  • @Vanguard it’s very quick; riposte windup is shorter than normal windup.

  • Yeah you are right, it happens very fast but the thought that i have to riposte to be able to parry a 2nd time when my initial thought is just to parry feels wierd and windup slows down movement a little(or does it?) so they can surround me even more but i guess i’ll just have to rearrange thinking and get used to it.

    Have to add that i like the game insanely much as a whole in PT5 so i don’t give you the wrong impression that i think everything is shit and all bad. Was a long time ago since i had this much fun in a game.

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