Hits occasionally going right through people?

  • It doesnt happen often but when it does it basically is a death sentence, and the class i had it happen on has always been man at arms with 1h sword or mace. Even when i am literally connecting hitboxes with the guy (my character blocked by the enemy and therefore i cannot move any closer) and my hits go right through him. It seems to fix it self after i die and again it only happens every so often but i dont understand why it happens at all, i checked my ping every time its happened as well as my enemies, it was always below 100.


  • I can only add to the speculation, really. I think this might have something to do with the hitbox of the weapon (the sharp bit) being behind the enemy. Once you’re right in their face, your character hitboxes are within eachothers deadzones even though it looks like your weapon is connecting with him (more likely it’s just the arm moving through his model, not the weapon).
    I could be wrong though – or partially right.

  • The problem is, at the same distance, no matter what weapon your enemy has, Their weapon DOES connect. Very frustrating when you wonder why yours didn’t.

  • Yeah they seemed to have no problem whatso ever hitting me so i dont get that.

  • I had this happen to me once. Well, not to me, but someone on my team was teamkilling. Kind of funny to see how he just couldn’t hit me.

  • Out of the hundreds of matches I’ve played, this has happened to me in two of them. They were both 40~60 ping. They were on official TB servers. I suggest if you find this happening, then try other servers.

  • Happens to me a lot, ping 40-60 as well. attacks going through people, and attacks going through my shield to hit me (YES, i was *** aiming at the attack).

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