For Honor: Will chivalry players love it or hate it?

  • Banned

    I have played For Honor and I am in love with it! It is so more exciting than chivalry in fights and the amount of detail in the customization is insane. You can’t exactly just spam and kill people but some class’s Cough Cough Berserker,Nobochi can easily spam and get kills so these class’s are cancer. I must say the coloring is so sexy and the graphics will make chivalry look like it came out in 2002. The only issue is the constant connection problems but besides that this game is perfect. Oh and you can also do the dark souls thing where you can unlock and attack without locking on. What do you guys think? comment below!

  • I think…get banned

  • I’m already getting bored with it. I was enjoying playing at yesterday but now I can only play for like an hour before it gets old.

  • Well I haven’t tried yet even as I get another invite, I recommend netflix standup comedians atm vgood.
    burr, hicks plus many others. If Honor is a first person thingy I might dapple for a week after release tbh.

  • Well I heard its not a Chivalry buster at all tbh. In fact its combat system is just generic for those rmb
    peonsquires, I suggest putting some funds away for firstly Mirage & later on perhaps next year that
    other medieval game mordhau rumoured to be by EU former chivalry veterans on a diet of coffee

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