Some Suggested Bugs

  • Hi I’ve played quite a bit of this game, and in case some of this hasn’t been posted I’m listing some of the things that bother me the most.

    1. Terrain Cliffs
    There’s no ‘step’ mechanic in this game, so when there is a tiny rise with a sharp slope, the character will get ‘stuck’ on that area. This shouldn’t happen, any normal person would simply walk up such inclines. A good example is the rocks out of the lake of the farm/mill and the gooey patch near the Mason Defending area heading to Trebuchet 1.

    2. Archers
    Aren’t even remotely realistic, balanced or fun.

    Here’s an example of ACTUAL ARCHERY: … re=related

    Notice how it isn’t absolutely agonizingly slow and hard to pull back the bow? Notice how people can walk AND shoot? In medieval times, people were probably BETTER than that. The sort of archery in this game is like Morrowind archery, a slow and powerless draw whilst the archer is slowed to a sluggish pace. It wouldn’t even be OP, archers are TERRIBLE at the moment, more annoying than valuable.

    3. Crossbowmen

    Seem to stay in line with how they should work, but the worst class in the game.

    4. Lancers

    To my mind, if you got a spear in the face, that would be a killing blow. As is Knights can survive TWO lances to the face. More importantly the only wa to make Lancers viable is to use the weapon toggle cheat (after throwing a lance switching to and from a weapon) to reload. Actual reload time is 3-4 seconds which is absolutely ridiculous.

    5. Stamina

    I personally don’t understand this mechanic, it just seems very anti-fun to me. It seems you have enough steam for maybe 30 seconds of continual combat then you’re useless. This is worst for Man-at-Arms as once you’re out of stamina, no dodge and you become a sword cushion. Was this really necessary? What is the stamina bar balancing?

    6. Spear Charges

    Sword charges are fine but spear charges seem very weak, there’s absolutely no reason not to use a normal poke. Safer, doesn’t muck with your position and has RANGE.

    7. Halberd Cleave

    Arguably the most OP weapon in the game, the Halberd would be okay if the poke didn’t cleave. What I mean by this is, for instance, if you poke at someone but they sidestep, and you follow their movement, even though most of your animation thrust is done you’ll still hit them. You can use this to poke 2-3 people around you with one poke (not in a line either). Halberds/Spears are meant to be a range advantage, which they are, but poke is even better close range.

    8. Self reloading Ballista

    These reload themselves automatically so you can do other things while you wait. This just seems really odd to me.

    9. Removing things when doing other things

    I mean this generically to mean, for instance switching a weapon means you can’t block/run/kick. Reloading (grabbing a spear) means you can do none of these things. Getting interrupted (hit) when shooting a bow resets the ENTIRE animation, doesn’t cancel it. Getting hit also cancels switching a weapon (which is a great way to combo-kill someone with throwing axes foolishly out). Holding a fire pot means I can’t use evasion (Man-at-Arms). These things make the game feel very clunky and the restrictions just make the game a bit lamer.

    10. You can’t scream whilst sprinting

    This is just weird, you have to stop sprinting to scream. I thought War Cries where MEANT for charges etc.

    Anyway some of these (if not all) are things which bothered me, game play wise as because whilst the game is fun and awesome, it feels clunky. And some things don’t make sense. No idea if this is the right place for these, hopefully there’s something here of use.

  • well first bows like these are not made to pierce through human flesh nor armour. this is what? 25 lbs? 35 at very VERY max? thats rather easy to draw when u do archery for the first like 3 years.

    and being able to walk is well ok it has some accuracy losses and it is harder but possible yea but i m sure it is in chiv too gunna try even if i hate archer in melee games.

    and being better like that? uhm i thought htis is a skill related game? should this game also aim for you since its a skilled archer u play?

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