How good are you Console Spartans tbh

  • One of my many many ideas babbled about in the years is a mode I called Sword mode:
    Basically Pick Knight > setup Arena FFA > with 4 Bots only:
    The idea was players could have sent up scores with a demo.
    1 map only FFA Knight with Sword in first plus 4 bots.
    An old one of mine is here
    It’s not as easy as it looks depending on factors such as respawns and if you get a lot more Archers
    or man at arms tbh. So timing… My demos are fov 90 in first so are you up for it.

    [Edit ps]

    for those elitists dare I say it esp pc lot. I do have a screen shot of me winning an FFA by a clear 37 kills
    using just a knight and his sword NO tricks, ROH stuff or Animation Extortionate moves. It was me named Of on steam.
    A player who can when they want to play normally to them with instinctive reflexes of right or left combo’s swings
    will naturally find, I actually forgot what the summary was not tbh hehe. yada yada yada iah
    oh yes server was near full of exp veterans rank 30’s upto over 50. Not some newbie pub stomper but sometimes
    you know cutting down a few old wheat fields is fun even for me hehe.

  • We all suck thee end.

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