Why For Honor won't kill Chiv

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38sPNZ8QHO4

    P2P vs Non-Dedicated servers… both trash tbh. I’ve been on a Chiv hiatus.

  • @GeneralGatelo figures. Ubisoft isn’t exactly different from Activision nowadays

  • @GeneralGatelo On the last day of the open beta I turned the game on and played a couple duels. People had time to learn the game and I actually felt like the last couple duels were amazing. Unfortunately, corporate greed ruined any chance it had. P2P servers, pay to win gear, season pass, it has every form of corporate greed known to man. Shame really, the gameplay (at least 1v1 or 2v2) was amazing. That’s why I support indie developers. Corporations have destroyed the world. Not even video games are safe

  • @Mutinous I agree with you, but I don’t think that the gear is pay to win, or that the season pass is a sign of greed.

    In order to get to Gear Score(GS) really high, the highest of which is 108, you have to be at least prestige 3, which takes time. You can’t pay for Steel and instantly be max GS.

    And the Season Pass comes with cosmetic items, it has no affect on gameplay, so there’s no reason to buy it unless you care about cosmetic stuff, and or want to save a few bucks overall on DLC if you plan to play for that long.

    P2p sucks, but I don’t have many problems with lagging, just a lot of DCs

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