New Pc Players - Chivalry today not for the squeamish

  • Not sure what is like for the console players if fov is fixed or not but I made a light hearted poke at vanguards
    rife in Chivalry as usual with the usual antics… I have been collecting screenshots of packets displayed for
    players for a few recent months now which seem to match exactly the figures that TB told us was fixed
    last year prior by the fps cap - the crafty van plebs got around that didn’t they hehe ;p

  • Very old but good video tbh, translated into Chivarly is the fate I witnessed frequently this month with
    Archers getting utterly mauled by 1 to 3 knights while they camped in a quiet surreal place. Infact 1
    rage quit after a squishing.

    ps not quite sure where to post or new topic but it can be moved if needed by admins if deemed.

  • Why just today while lazily playing chivalry as my usual Knight with longsword fov97 in first no roh bug moves
    or glichy cartoon purposely done animation breaking with low settings and 0.000 packet loss a gaming van
    was running about going into his sequence of bs macro moves etc and the openly said did Loin fake his rank?
    For no reason and out of the blue this rant came out.

    This is typical of van trolls so I simply said unlike you i have fun and am lazy. Off course he is 20 plus kdr
    ahead of the server and then we meet for the first time, as he rushes in with his magic handbook of bs moves
    I effortlessly put him down with a southpaw combo into a right finisher and remark " well that was interesting
    wasn’t it mr … " This rank 54 plus troll then decides to hunt just me on the server hehe. I was off anyway to
    get edible food today for stockup. My point being veterans do exist without any such moves or attitude in Chivalry
    on the pc & even the console I’d guess so try to play with those kinds of gamers, its more fun for all concerned tbh.

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