"Fake News"

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    But isn’t that literally what Trump did with fake reports of terrorist attacks in Sweden?

  • This is just my opinion

    Journalism isn’t fake news. Journalism is necessary for democracy, as it holds politicians accountable to their actions. It is my opinion that it would not be right for politicians to be able to do whatever they want with no third party accountability, especially since they are here to serve the citizens of the country’s best interests and not their own.
    Trump literally does not understand the difference between “fake” and “biased”. CNN is biased, Fox is biased, but it doesn’t mean the news that they report is fake. Actual fake news websites are designed to look like legitimate news websites, that spread misinformation and lies, and usually have a click bait title. The intention is just that, click bait. Get traffic to this website.
    It is my opinion that it would be dangerous to have a government and not have the press to report to the people, objectively, what is going on. The bias of news can’t be avoided, but there are both conservative and liberal leaning news outlets so pick your preference.

    I don’t care whether someone leans left or right in their political affiliation, but it bothers me that people literally don’t understand the difference between fake and biased. People need to read a book instead of listening to the orange man who yanks people’s arms off.

  • It is also hilarious to compare and contrast celebrity gossip to legitimate journalism, as if they are the same thing.

  • @Naleaus no, I’m not familiar with that.

  • @jessomaticz @Xylo i’ll respond to both of your posts in a bit

  • @hit-trade
    Not sure what news organizations you use, but
    here’s the BBC’s take on it.

    There was also the fake Bowling Green massacre stuff one of his counselors used as justification of the travel ban.

  • @jessomaticz exactly man.

    You’re right about the difference between tabloids and legit journalism I should have used a better example of fake news.

    The point I was trying to make is that everybody needs to stop acting like fake news is some new trend, or that it is a defense against legitimate criticism by the media.

    TL;DR (this entire topic) Trump and his voters need to stop crying wolf. Fake news is out there, but dont call CNN or Fox fake just cause the prez says it is.

  • @Hoplite-x-Viz the reason Trump supporters are crying wolf(?) is because the criticism of Trump from the mainstream media is simply wrong and skewed. I support Trump, and I am willing to discuss why and learn legitimate criticisms, and have a decent discussion, but the liberal media doesn’t want that! I’m a white-supremacist racist because I support Trump, according to liberal media.

  • @jessomaticz no offense, but only 1 sentence from your post is relevant. “Trump doesn’t understand the difference between ‘fake’ and ‘bias.’”
    Can you site to something that supports that claim?

  • @Xylo but they can spread lies, since there are no repercussions for lying about facts.

  • @Naleaus I’ll look into it

  • As a trump supporter myself, I can guarantee you that only a small percentage of trump supporters are doing this “cry wolf” act you speak of, as well as a small percentage on the other side of the political spectrum. Jesso is absolutely right about media outlets being biased and all, but let me give an example of what I classify as “fake.”
    No shots intended to the liberal side, but look at CNN. Take one of their reports about something (anything) major going on in the world and then look at Bloomberg, New York Times, Wall Street journal, Huffpost, etc.
    You see, what happens is that all these smaller media outlets who get a lot of their sources from larger outlets (sometime vice versa) turn these reports into a large game of telephone. It starts out as one thing and a week later by the time the last journalist/writer/whatever does an article about it, words have been twisted, re-arranged, exchanged, and removed. Media outlets take advantage of who is looking at what they write. Solid evidence is social media. @Naleaus is from what I’ve read, is a grown man who has been around long enough on the block and can probably differentiate what is click bait news and what is real news. But if you take a younger teen for example who is on twitter and Snapchat 24/7, the news they’re being exposed to is purposely made just for them in a context they can understand and read. Go look at it if you don’t believe me. Look at how those articles or “snap chat stories” are presented and worded.
    Now you’re probably thinking, “well how is that fake if it’s true?” That’s up to you to decipher but its manipulation in my opinion. Which to me is fake. If you have to chop and screw what you present as a media outlet to get a 15 year old kid to follow a stupid twitter trend of BLM, Trump is racist, illegals should be welcomed, blah blah blah, your news is what’s wrong and that right there is Fake news.


  • @Patriotize nice response.

  • @hit-trade said in "Fake News":

    @Patriotize nice response.

    Thanks. Finally a good thread to actually gain some brain cells back from all these other threads I lost brain cells from

  • @Patriotize yeah, I know right lol

  • @hit-trade
    Your second link is an opinion page, so it’s not news. The other two aren’t labeled as such so they could definitely be an example, would have to research more, although the last definitely looks like an opinion piece.

  • @Naleaus fair enough, but the article, which is blatantly filled with lies, is published by a news agency, so it can be connected.

  • @hit-trade Those articles are opinion articles. The second one explicitly says “opinion” at the top. The last one is not even written by a journalist, it is written by a playwright and activist. Large news corporations often own all of the smaller news organizations, which is why a lot of them share sources. Do many news organizations use click bait headlines to get people to visit their website? Definitely. Many people have short attention spans, and often only look at a title and don’t even bother to read the content. It is just my personal opinion that people who use the internet daily should be able to tell the difference between real and “fake” news/click bait articles, and also between news articles and opinion pieces. If 14/15 year olds are being manipulated by the media than maybe they should spend less time on Facebook and Twitter and more time reading a legitimate news source about what is really happening in the world.

  • @hit-trade said in "Fake News":

    @Naleaus fair enough, but the article, which is blatantly filled with lies, is published by a news agency, so it can be connected.

    Agreed, opinion or not, it’s affiliated with their name and services. I wouldn’t let my dad come to my house on thanksgiving to give a toast to Hitler and the third Reich if I didn’t agree with it or want that affiliated with me.

    (No my dad is not a neo-Nazi) just an example lol

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