Ability Primer

  • Ability Primer


    Mirage features a selection of warriors and mages who wield powerful magic in addition to their martial weapons training; they gain their powers from the mysterious Jinn, otherworldy beings bound to their masters by either blood or slavery.
    While mundane uses for Jinn magic can be seen throughout the realm of Nankur, the warriors of the Bashrahni Emirate and the outcast Azar Cabal call upon them in battle to smite their enemies and raise them above the common soldiery!

    Read our lore blogs to learn more about the history of Nankur and the conflicting philosophies between the Bashrahni and Azar and why they fight over the fate of the Jinn!
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    Ability Basics

    In Mirage, you have 3 ability slots for each class. These are shown in the right-hand side of the Class Selection Screen. You can return to this screen to change your abilities at any time by pressing the M key (default), but they will only be changed when you respawn.

    Abilities are locked until you earn them by defeating your opponents! Locked abilities are grey, but your progress will be shown on the Ability Icon in the Class Selection Screen.
    0_1488382100328_Ability Slots - Locked.png

    Once you unlock an ability, it will become available for selection. Return to the Class Selection Screen to select and flex your new power!
    0_1488382105270_Ability Slots.png

    Move your cursor over an ability to see a description or press and hold the F1 key (default) while in-game to review your current abilities.
    0_1488382327272_Abilities - In-game Reference Page.png

    Once you spawn in, your abilities will be shown in the lower-left corner of the screen.
    0_1488383177388_Ability Slots - Ingame.png

    Your abilities are activated using the Q, E, and F keys (defaults, can be rebound).

    Like your melee attacks, each ability has it’s own Windup, Release, and Recovery phase, in addition to a Cooldown timer. The cooldown length is longer for more powerful abilities. This Cooldown timer is representative of the Jinn’s ability to recover enough energy to be used again. Lore aside, the cooldowns are in place to prevent abilities from overwhelming the rest of the game. The timer is displayed in seconds overlaying the ability icon.
    0_1488383215904_Ability Slots - Ingame - Cooldowns.png

    When an ability is ready for use, it will glow for a short time to help notify you.
    0_1488383220382_Ability Slots - Ingame - Cooldowns B.png

    Abilities in Combat


    You can parry any incoming ability! As with weapons, look towards the incoming ability and use the Right Mouse Button (default) to parry or deflect an ability. Likewise, your abilities can be parried if the opponent sees you use them!

    • Flanking opponents is powerful; use your movement abilities to get around an opponent and attack from an unexpected direction!
    • To parry area attacks such as those from Proximity Mines or Chaos Orb, aim towards the center of the effect when parrying
    • Some abilities are powerful and may still have some effect, even when you successfully parry them; this varies by ability, but are typically those with a long cooldown
    • Some abilities become yours when you parry them; reflect them back into the one who cast it at you!


    Like melee attacks, you can control many abilities after you activate them;

    • Most projectiles in Mirage can be steered or dragged by moving your crosshair in the direction you want it to go
      • How long and how much a projectile can be dragged varies greatly by the ability


    You can use abilities as part of an attack combo; chain an ability together with melee attacks or other abilities! Some examples of ability combos;

    • Finish a nearby enemy with melee and combo into ranged ability to target a distant or incoming enemy
    • Combo a knockback ability with a ranged ability to stay engaged with an enemy who is pushed out of melee range
    • Combo a movement ability with a melee attack or ability to attack your opponent from an unexpected direction


    Parry an attack and Riposte with an ability; just like melee attacks, you can riposte an ability faster than casting it without a riposte.

    • Riposte with a melee ability and free your Jinn!
    • Riposting with an ability can give you more options in a fight; try Riposting with a movement ability to avoid being surrounded!
    • Powerful abilities can prevent you from Riposting after you parry them. Some examples include Boulder and Chaos Orb

    Interrupted Abilities

    Abilities can be interrupted like melee attacks; an interrupted ability goes onto an Interrupt Cooldown timer that is shorter than the normal Cooldown. Abilities can be interrupted by anything that normally causes an interrupt, like melee attacks and most abilities that cause damage, stun, or knockback.

    • When using an ability with a long windup time, be prepared to cancel the windup with a parry to avoid being interrupted
    • Avoid using abilities with long windups when you are in melee range of an opponent

    Ammunition / Charges

    Some abilities can continue to charge up, allowing you to build up several uses of it at once. You can use these abilities in quick succession by pressing the activation key again.
    Abilities with ammunition will show the amount remaining in the in-game HUD
    Examples of abilities with ammunition are the Vypress’ Chakram and the Tinker’s Proximity Mines.
    0_1488379069321_Abilities - Ammunition.png


    Some abilities require an additional activation after you first use it. This is called Aftertouch. Use the same ability key to activate its Aftertouch. This will be shown on your screen while the aftertouch is available.
    Examples of abilities with aftertouch are the Alchemancer’s Phoenix and the Entropist’s Projectile Teleport
    0_1488379024809_Ability - Aftertouch Example.png


    You can cancel most abilities while they are still in windup, though some abilities have very short windup times (varies by ability, check their descriptions). Cancelled abilities use the Interrupt Cooldown timer rather than the normal Cooldown timer.

    • Cancel an ability with a longer windup to defend yourself by clicking Right Mouse Button (default)
    • Feint an ability to provoke a parry from your opponent!
    • Cancelling an ability can help you avoid a long cooldown time if the opponent you wanted to use it against has moved into cover or is killed


    Not all abilities are used for attacking or damaging an opponent; abilities can be non-damaging utility, crowd-control, support, healing, or movement abilities. Check the ability descriptions in the class selection screen or in-game for a description, or read on for descriptions and some tips on how to use them effectively!

    Jinn Essence

    When an opponent is defeated, they drop a glowing blue orb of Jinn Essence; collect this orb to regain some health, stamina and reduce your cooldown times! Collect multiple orbs to further reduce your cooldowns!

    Ability Tags

    Note: This feature is experimental and may or may not remain in the game
    The ability descriptions have one or more tags to show what effects the ability has. More info on this topic soon!


    Abilities used to finish an opponent produce the best ragdolls! Launch bodies everywhere with your mighty magic!
    0_1488384412388_Ragdolls thumbnail.png
    Click the image!

    We will be updating this post with examples and edits; if something above is not clear, please let us know so we can fix it!
    We are currently working on an ability overview for each class and some tips on how to use them!

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