Public Testing Build #6 - Release Notes

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    Public Testing Build #6 - Release Notes

    As always there is a lot of updates not represented here and there’s a lot more new stuff you’ll see in the game

    Major changes

    • Movement & speed changes
    • Entropist enabled
    • Weapon selection enabled
    • Major update to movement synchronization
      • Overall the movement should be smoother and hold up much better with higher ping
    • New frontend UI [WIP]
    • Options menu overhaul
    • Matchmaking
      • New matchmaking flow to get you in & out of games


    • 3rd person is now capped at 105 FOV
    • Chat is now visible during the post game screen
    • Ability unlocks now show progress towards the next ability
    • You can now right click player names in the scoreboard and use:
      • Add friend
      • View profile
      • Votekick
      • Mute
    • Reduced Damage indication from team damage
    • Whirlwind as first ability from boulder
      • Animation polish with a focus on movement and melee
    • Overhauled interrupt animations


    • Abilities that slow your fall on activation no longer do so if you look down while activating them (dervish, whirlwind etc)

    • Comboing between abilities and between abilities and melee is now smoother

    • Increased melee knockbacks

    • Reduced ability feint window

    • Added stamina cost to worldhits

    • While on the carpet or levitating you can now use melee and parries without stopping the ability

    • Removed fall damage

    • Alchemancer

      • Brought levitate back to Alchemancer, added alt behavior if activated while looking down
      • Piercing shot now pierces through parries (continuous through without dealing damage)
        rockets no longer bounce off of teammates
    • Vypress

      • Increased phase cooldown
      • Extended dash attacks hit box further down to avoid awkward hits/collision with the bottom of the character cylinder
        increased cooldown on dash attack, pounce and teleport
    • Tinker

      • Proximity mines now check for visibility before setting off nearby mines
      • Backflip now does a small amount of damage
      • Stasis
      • Target no longer regens while immobilized
    • Taurant

      • Adjusted boulders speed, weight and bounciness
      • Added air dash and hover functionality while casting whirlwind
        explosive punch can now punch projecetiles back
    • Vigilist

      • Iron Dome
      • Now interrupt major move abilities on activation
      • Reduced lifespan from 30 to 25s
      • Allied domes can no longer stack
    • Entropist

      • If you look down carpet will use a seperate movement sequence sending you straight up


    • Reduced respawn times in SYM modes from 15 to 12 seconds
    • Reduced respawn times in TDM modes from 10 to 5 seconds
    • Increased ticket victory values in TDM and SYM modes from 100 to 125

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed various combo/riposte times that were too quick, shadow kick, ward strike etc
    • Fixed Parry into parry not working
    • Explosive punch fix for causing leapslam deaths
    • Fixed proxy mine sticking on pushable
    • Fixed projectile deflection Fx not playing
    • Fixed movement stop when moving backwards and using melee
    • Many animation bug fixes and polish tweaks

    Known issues

    • 1st time loading after installation/update may require you to force the game to close and try again
    • Possible crash after Match Making into map
    • Refresh button in server browser will be covered by chat window, if enough chat is present
    • Ability selection changes will only take effect if the player updates them in the loadout volume
    • Players may recieve little to no XP post match
    • Players may see other players “sliding” on screen, animations will reset once the “sliding” player performs an action, attack, ability, parry etc.
    • VOIP is sometimes “always on” for some players
    • If an Alchemancer parries another Alchemancer’s Piercing Shot ability, they will lose all stamina on a successful parry
    • Audio occluded around demi-glyph points
    • If a player uses Boulder and dies after using it, the gore mesh will play the explosion vfx
    • Animated background may not appear post game and in character select
    • After using Alchemancer levitate ability, the vfx will persist
    • After using Vypress Overhead Blade Whip ability, the vfx will show on client when in 3rd person
    • Alchemancer default weapon loadout set to B (Firesword)

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