Abilities by Class

  • Abilities by Class

    The following are descriptions of the individual classes and descriptions of their abilities, with some hints and tips on how to use them in and out of combat!

    Note: ability descriptions may be subject to change at any time.


    The Taurant is a brute who uses his strength and earth magic to bully his opponents with knockback effects, area attacks, and ground slams! He often empowers his two-handed mace or axe with earth magic, or uses his mighty fists to explosive effect!
    0_1488461668880_Taurant Trailer Thumbnail.jpg


    Push enemies away while also parrying any incoming strikes.

    • Shove is faster to activate than starting a melee attack; regain control of a fight by activating Shove while an enemy is attacking
    • Push multiple opponents back to give yourself some space to fight
    • Cancel a melee attack and use Shove to deflect an incoming ranged ability while knocking back your melee opponents!


    Spin around with a powerful melee attack, hitting enemies surrounding you.

    • You can activate Whirlwind while in the air; drop from a ledge into a crowd of opponents and activate Whirlwind as a surprise attack, or use it after a wall-jump over an opponent’s head!
    • Use Whirlwind when surrounded to regain control of a fight; force opponents to stop attacking you or face the consequences!
    • Counter a Vypress’s Phase ability by activating Whirlwind!

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    0_1488461985015_Taurant Whirlwind thumbnail.jpg


    Charge forward, pulling any targets along with you.

    • Charge an opponent near a ledge or cliff to knock them off, but be careful that you don’t go down with them!
    • Charging upwards at an opponent will send them flying away!
    • Use Charge outside of combat to access higher ledges or cross chasms

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    0_1488462212630_Taurant Charge thumbnail.png
    0_1488465180212_Taurant Charge thumbnail 2.png

    Explosive Punch

    A powerful punch that explodes on impact to hit additional enemies

    • Explosive Punch is faster to activate than the Taurant’s melee attacks
    • Riposte an Explosive Punch for a very fast attack that staggers the enemy
    • Feint to Explosive Punch as a finishing move!

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    0_1488462500805_Taurant Explosive Punch thumbnail.jpg


    Throw a giant boulder that causes havoc on the battlefield

    • Boulder bounces around after it strikes opponents or walls; throw it into narrow hallways or crowds of enemies
      • Boulder can damage you after it bounces or after an opponent parries it! Try not to be hit by your own boulder!
    • Boulder is the only ranged attack available to the Taurant; throw one after an escaping Alchemancer or Vypress!
    • Boulder has a longer windup time than most melee attacks; don’t use it when you’re in melee range or you’ll be interrupted by your opponent’s faster melee attacks

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    0_1488462679007_Taurant Boulder thumbnail.jpg

    Leap Slam

    Leap up in the air and come down with a massive damaging blast that pushes enemies away

    • Leap Slam’s area of effect is great to use against tight groups of enemies; attack them all at once and spread them out with Leap Slam
    • Leap Slam will pull you up and out of a fight; use it when surrounded and aim it back at the group that surrounded you!
    • Cancelling Leap Slam at the top of your leap can help you access higher areas, or set you up to use a different attack or ability!

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    0_1488462830758_Taurant Leapslam thumbnail 1.jpg

    0_1488462879225_Taurant leapslamp thumbnail 2.jpg


    The Alchemancer is a master of magics, capable of devastating his opponents from long range. His spells can pierce multiple opponents, cause explosions, steer around corners, or help him escape danger!
    His primary weapon is a mid-range fireball that can be dragged around allies or corners at mid-range. He is also equipped with an elemental weapon to defend himself in melee with stabs and overheads (Mousewheel Up/Down), though he is not as capable a fighter as the other warriors…unless you select the Elemental Blade as his primary weapon!
    Note: the Alchemancer’s Fireball does not interrupt melee attacks or abilities

    Piercing Shot

    Slow to fire, but fast-moving projectile that can penetrate multiple enemies

    • Slightly dragable after it’s fired but you won’t be able to steer it for the duration of its flight
    • Most effective when used against groups of enemies who aren’t looking in your direction
    • You will hover in the air when you use it; combine with Teleport or wall jump to stay out of reach for longer and to attack from an unexpected direction
    • You can still throw fireballs while this ability is in the air
    • Be ready to cancel this ability to defend yourself!

    Chaos Orb

    Hurl a sphere of destructive energy that will explode on impact

    • Most effective when used against groups of enemies who aren’t looking in your direction
    • The long windup time and slow speed lets your enemies know this ability is incoming and they can often parry it easily; aim it behind or to their side to catch them in the blast rather than firing directly at them
    • You can use Chaos Orb to Rocket Jump
    • You will hover in the air when you use it; combine with Teleport or a wall jump to stay out of reach for longer and to attack from an unexpected direction
    • You can still throw fireballs while this ability is in the air
    • Be ready to cancel this ability to defend yourself!


    Teleport a short distance towards the location under your crosshair

    • You always teleport in the direction you are facing and you leave fiery tracers behind; try teleporting in unexpected directions rather than behind an opponent
      • Avoid teleporting until you know an opponent has already used a movement ability
    • You can Riposte Teleport to avoid being interrupted
    • You can Feint to Teleport to avoid being interrupted
    • Combine with other projectile abilities to gain altitude and stay there for longer


    Throw a projectile, then press and hold to guide it through the air with your crosshair

    • A spotlight effect will show where the bird is flying; Hold down the activation key and move your mouse to control where it flies!
    • You can still throw fireballs or use your elemental blade while this ability is in the air; wait on the aftertouch force your opponent to choose which to parry
    • The Phoenix Egg still deals some damage and can interrupt before you activate the aftertouch; use it at close range, then strike with a fireball or elemental blade when the opponent is watching the Egg
    • You can toss the Phoenix egg while facing away from an opponent, then turn to face them & activate the aftertouch; the bird will fly in the direction you’re facing


    Target an area on the ground to bombard with projectiles from above for a duration

    • You are locked out of most other actions while choosing the target area for this ability; be ready to cancel it to defend yourself!
    • You will hover in the air when you use it; combine with Teleport or a wall jump to stay out of reach for longer and to attack from an unexpected direction


    Levitate above the battlefield for a short duration

    • Levitate can lift you up out of a fight and buy you some time until teammates arrive
    • You move through the air while Levitating
      • Use this movement to cross chasms or escape to a high ledge
    • Some abilities like Piercing Shot will push you out of Levitate early
    • Any attack can cancel Levitate after it’s activated


    The Vypress uses her shadow magic to move quickly around the battlefield, able to leap into a fight and make her escape after striking!
    0_1488461708590_Vypress Trailer Thumbnail.jpg

    Dash Attack

    Jump in the direction you’re moving, then lunge towards your crosshair while slashing with twin blades

    • The movement part of Dash Attack will lift you up, but can be controlled with your movement keys
      • Use this initial movement to avoid an incoming attack, then strike while your opponent is in Recovery!
      • You can use this movement to strafe while airborne, allowing you to line up your attack before you strike!
    • The Vypress gains a lot of forward momentum with Dash Attack; use it to travel long distances quickly
      • Combined with Phase or Pounce, this allows the Vypress to travel very quickly across the map at the expense of her abilities!
    • Combo Dash Attack with Phase or Pounce to attack from an unexpected direction

    Click image for a gif!
    0_1488463022611_Vypress Dashattack thumbnail.png


    Quickly control a bouncing projectile

    • Chakrams are fast, but cause low damage and do not interrupt opponent’s attacks; be cautious when using them at close range
    • Bouncing a chakram off a wall can help you strike an opponent from an unexpected direction or even around corners
    • Riposte with a chakram for a very fast attack
    • Use chakrams to knock a Levitating or Flying opponent out of the air

    Click the image for a gif!
    0_1488463269951_Vypress Chakram thumbnail.png


    Phase out of existence for a short time, avoiding any incoming damage

    • Use Phase in place of a parry to avoid an incoming attack…or multiple attacks
    • Phase activates very quickly; use it when you need to get out of a difficult situation
    • Phase can be used to move across chasms or access high ledges
    • Combo other attacks with Phase to become difficult to track or attack in a fight!

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    0_1488463380867_Vypress Phase thumbnail.jpg

    Shadow Kick

    Slide along the ground or dash while airborne and perform a powerful roundhouse kick

    • You can steer your slide by dragging your crosshairs
    • While sliding, you are low to the ground; use Shadow Kick duck under attacks!
    • Use the knockback from Shadow Kick to push enemies backwards
    • Combo Shadow Kick with Phase or Pounce to attack from an unexpected direction or to travel long distances quickly

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    0_1488463508198_Vypress ShadowKick thumbnail.jpg

    Blade Whip

    Augment your blades with a projectile that follows the direction of your attack, extending its effective range

    • Blade Whip requires a two-step activation; first activate the ability, then use a melee attack to fire
    • Blade Whip’s projectiles come in three variants, each activated by a different melee attack
      • Slash throws a horizontal projectile a medium distance
      • Overhead throws a pair of short range projectiles
      • Thrust throws a long range, fast-moving projectile
    • Blade Whip’s projectiles are draggable
    • Use the Thrust Blade Whip to snipe from afar!
    • Activate Blade Whip, then use Phase or Pounce to attack from an unexpected direction!

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    0_1488463654024_Vypress Bladewhip thumbnail.jpg


    Launch a projectile that will pull you towards it to evade enemies or cross chasms

    • Pounce will pull you in the direction you aim your crosshair; you’ll fly further if you aim up a little
    • Travel quickly across the map; very useful for rushing objectives or flanking the enemy!
    • Chase down Alchemancers easily; wait for them to Teleport or Levitate, then follow with Pounce!
    • Combine Pounce with melee attacks or abilities to attack enemies from unexpected directions

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    0_1488463776599_Vypress Pounce thumbnail.jpg


    The Vigilist uses her crystal magic offensively to stagger, knockback or pull enemies, but has many defensive abilities to protect her allies. She is also able to make magically assisted leaps to move around the battlefield or access high ledges!

    0_1488461730500_Vigilist Trailer thumbnail.jpg

    Ward Strike

    Fire a magical shield that staggers enemies on hit

    • Reflect or destroy incoming projectiles and interrupt abilities & melee attacks with this ranged attack
    • Staggered enemies are unable to defend themselves for a moment; use this to assist your allies…or make an escape
    • Riposte a Ward Strike to make it effective at melee range

    Click the image for a gif!
    0_1488463884357_Vigilist WardStrike thumbnail.jpg


    Rise above the battlefield before slamming back into the ground, pushing back any nearby enemies

    • Extremely useful when surrounded!
    • Clear an objective of the enemy
    • Use with Riposte for a faster activation

    Click the image for a gif!
    0_1488464061006_Vigilist Disperse Thumbnail.jpg

    Iron Dome

    Spawn a protective shield bubble around you

    • Iron Dome pushes back enemies when you activate it
    • Enemies will not be able to activate many abilities while within the dome
    • Iron Dome can be destroyed by projectiles or with an enemy’s Iron Dome

    Click the image for a gif!
    0_1488464170588_Vigilist IronDome thumbnail.jpg


    Stab forward with a magically lengthened spear, then pulls any enemies back towards you

    • Single out an enemy and pull them within reach of your spear!
    • Capture a fleeing Alchemancer; wait until after they Teleport for best results
    • You hover in the air while casting Impaler and can travel a short distance; use this to disrupt an opponent’s timing or combine it with Heroic Leap to pull an enemy up for an aerial battle!

    Click the image for a gif!
    0_1488464473492_Vigilist Impaler thumbnail.jpg


    Summon a massive wave that knocks down any target in its path

    • Reflect or destroy incoming projectiles and interrupt abilities & melee attacks with this ranged attack
    • Enemies struck by Surge are staggered and cannot defend themselves for a moment
    • Surge’s long cast time makes it dangerous to use in melee range; use it at mid range for best results
    • You hover in the air while casting Surge and can travel a short distance; use this to disrupt an opponent’s timing or combine it with Heroic Leap to travel across chasms

    Click the images for gifs!
    0_1488464681734_Vigilist Surge thumbnail.jpg
    0_1488464763251_Vigilist Surge thumbnail 2.jpg

    Heroic Leap

    Quickly leap into the air, allowing you to jump over or towards your opponent

    • The Vigilist is generally less mobile than the other classes; use Heroic Leap to cross short distances quickly
    • Leap over the enemy and attack from behind their lines to disrupt their strategies!
    • Combine with Impaler or Surge to attack from unexpected directions
    • You must be on the ground to activate Heroic Leap; if activated in the air, it will fire as soon as you touch the ground


    The Tinker uses her Jinn-tech abilities to lay traps & control movement on the battlefield, easily separating and isolating her opponents from their allies. You must be cautious when a Tinker has had even a few seconds to prepare her surroundings!
    Video coming soon!

    Hook Shot

    Shoot a hook that pulls a single target toward you

    • Pull an enemy from the battle to assist an outnumbered ally
    • Pull an enemy from the safety of their allies and let your teammates decimate them
    • Pull back an escaping Alchemancer! Wait until after they use Teleport or Levitate for best results
    • Combine with Proximity Mines or Obelisk to maneuver your oppnent into your traps!

    Proximity Mine

    Place a mine that explodes when enemies come close

    • You can charge up several mines at once and cover an area quickly
    • Mines have a short charge up time before exploding
      • You can parry the explosion of the mine; wait for the glowing orb to jump up into the air!
      • You can destroy a mine with a melee attack or with a projectile
      • You can be damaged by your own mine! Be careful when fighting around them
    • Place them behind corners or ledges to prevent enemies from spotting them until it’s too late
    • Riposte and toss a mine behind an opponent to give them something to worry about while they fight you!
    • Combine with Hook Shot to force enemies into the Proximity Mine blast radius


    Perform a quick evasive jump followed by a stab with a powerful lunge

    • Evade an incoming melee attack, then catch an enemy with the stab while they are in Release or Recovery
    • Use Dervish to recover from being knocked off a ledge or to cross a chasm or gap


    Fire a projectile that lifts up an enemy up in the air, taking them out of the fight for a short time. The target is invulnerable for the duration

    • Buy some time or even the odds by temporarily disabling an enemy
    • Stasis bounces; bank it off walls, the floor, or ceiling to strike the enemy from an unexpected direction!
    • Be careful; if an enemy parries Stasis or if it bounces off a wall, it can catch you instead!
    • Plant some Proximity Mines or place an Obelisk beneath the enemy and force them to expend a movement ability to escape your traps when Stasis wears off


    Call forth an obelisk as a defensive structure, when aftertouched, a powerful explosion is charged up

    • An Obelisk can be placed very quickly!
    • Placing Obelisk will boost you up into the air; use it to escape when surrounded or to access a high ledge
    • Obelisk takes a long time to charge after you activate the aftertouch; keep this in mind when trying to deploy it!
    • Combine with Hook Shot or Stasis and force enemies into the blast radius


    A quick kick that creates a large distance between you and your target

    • Kickflip is good for knocking an enemy back into one of your traps
    • Kickflip can be activated on the ground or in the air
      • Escape incoming attacks, even in mid-air!
    • Jump or wall jump, then spin around and Kickflip to travel far through the air!
    • Use Kickflip to counter a Vypress’ Phase or Alchemancer Teleport if you think they will appear behind you (turn slightly to the left or right before you activate)


    The Entropist’s water magic can be used to heal his allies or harm his enemies. He has an even mix of offensive, support, and movement abilities that confound enemies and restore allies. The Entropist is able to view the health of his allies, which can help you choose where your healing abilities will help the most, with his signature magic carpet to carry him there.


    Control a devastating beam capable of eradicating enemies from afar

    • Disintegrate is a medium-range, sustained attack that deals damage over time
      • You can “spray” it at multiple targets, or hose one enemy for more damage
        • Your parry will be sustained as long as the beam is held on you
    • You will be pushed upwards while using Disintegrate; use this to stay in the air for longer, or to help yourself gain altitude in combat

    Healing Grenade

    Heals friendly targets

    • Heal a small portion of health for multiple allies at close, medium, or long range in a small radius
    • You can heal yourself if you are in the effect radius; throw one onto an ally at very close range, or toss it at the ground
    • You can Overheal allies; this extra health will be lost over time, just like the Jinn Essence Overhealth

    Magic Carpet

    Spring into the air and then float around on a Majestic Magic Carpet

    • You can melee attack, parry, riposte, or use abilities from the Magic Carpet
    • Cross chasms or gaps, escape to higher ground, or just travel quickly across the map
    • You can also carry the Jinn (Flag) while on the carpet
    • If you’re surrounded, try activating Magic Carpet as a riposte to reduce the chance of being interrupted

    Pronged Shot

    Fire 3 projectiles, for maximum effect, spread the damage out across multiple targets

    • Pronged Shot has ammunition, allowing you to charge up 2 shots
    • Slow travelling but highly draggable at short-medium range and the shots travel until they hit something
    • Riposte at melee range with Pronged Shot for a shotgun effect
    • Fire from atop your magic carpet!

    Healing Well

    Plant a healing well on the ground. After a short time, a massive heal effect is released from the well, affecting nearby allies

    • Healing Well requires an Aftertouch to activate
    • Healing Well can Overheal allies; this extra health will be lost over time, just like the Jinn Essence Overhealth
    • Healing Well affects you as well as your allies

    Projectile Teleport

    Shoot a projectile that you can then teleport to

    • Fire Projectile Teleport where you want to go, then use Aftertouch to teleport to it
    • You can Riposte Projectile Teleport to avoid being interrupted when casting
    • You can windup a melee attack, then aftertouch Projectile Teleport

    We will be updating this post with examples and edits; if something above is not clear, please let us know so we can fix it!

  • Updated with Entropist, will add more example gifs soon!

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