First Impressions

  • Hi and Greetings, this is my first time playing this game, I played a decent amount of chivarly, but hated it once I learned about the ability to spin around to abuse the hitbox of melee swings.

    This is an initial impression after around 3-4 hours of playing. about 70 hours of chivarly

    • Increase the base movement speed of the game, it feels very sluggish and slow to move, i’d say increase movement speed by 10-20% than its current value.

    • Stamina, what does it do exactly, its used by jumping, attacking, but does it actually matter?

    • Sprinting Feels terrible, it doesn’t feel like it actually does much of anything, and yes i disabled auto sprinting so I could actually do it manually.
      Tbh I’d say make stamina give you about 20-30% movement speed burst, but make it cost stamina, and make sprinting tiers, eg
      100-75% stamina =133% sprint movement.
      74-50% stamina = 120% sprint movement.
      49-25% stamina = 112% sprint movement.
      24-0% stamina =106% sprint movement.

    • Game is far too melee focused, for something called Mirage Arcane Warfare, while I love depth, this basically feels like chivarly with a few added in weak/uninteresting spells, than an actual magic game.
      I’d say greatly lower ability cooldowns/add more with charges, maybe add more abilities per class
      Make the spells more interesting, their too simple most of the time, or not generally useful enough, spells should feel like a game changer, not a little extra tool a class has.

    • More Ranged classes are needed, far too heavy focused on melee classes for a magic based game imo, also why is it only projectiles and melee swings and some flying abilities? common add some more ground abilities/aoe

    • Classes feel too similar overall, again more spells per class would help differentiate them, 3 per class feels far too limited. Reminds me of overwatch in that regards, where I constantly felt like I wished I had more abilities.

    • Add actual siderolls to the game, I know u can do a mini backroll with back+space, but it feels far too low distance, uninteresting, the animation doesn’t feel or look good and it seems to have a ~3sec internal cooldown with no visual indication of when the cooldown is done. something similar to the witcher 3 dodge system would probably be quite good, 2-3 dodges based on class that recharge over 5-7 secs.

    • Map objectives felt very boring and uninteresting, ohh look the usual stand here and capture this, capture the flag or push the cart objectives, ye, those were already old to me like 15 years ago, please be a little more creative and actually make something unique and interesting.
      Probably something similar to csgo demolition would be overall more interesting. but with a magical theme obviously
      If you’ve played crumbling arena in dota2 custom games something like that, think wc3 warlock, small fighting arena, where map keeps getting smaller, you need to try to kill the enemy while staying alive and trying to knock them out.

    • The gaint 2 handed axe/mace dude needs tweaks to his animation/sound effects, its rather difficult to tell sometimes when hes actually swinging or just waiting, because the weapon is so large it tends to go partially offscreen, at least in first person.

    • UI
      You know how you have an icon for spells, that shows the keybinds/cooldown etc? add the same for melee attacks, an icon for normal swing, stab and overhead, and the icons should change if u hold alt, to indicate, hey alt changes direction!(write hold alt somewhere, so they actually try it!)

    Conclusion, this feels like a tweaked chivalry more than a new game, while chivalry mechanics aren’t bad, this is suppose to be a magic game, not a melee game! and honestly chivarly mechanics with an indepth spell system just sounds like it would be amazing overall. My main complaint with chivarly besides the animation abusing, was always that it felt a little samey after a few hours anyway, with a huge array of deep spells, it would change everything.

    Thanks for your time reading this.

    Have a nice Day!

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