Archer CLASS

  • I still don’t understand why the Archers movement speed is slow compared to the man at arms.
    Archer class has very little armor and some how is able to still be slow?? makes no sense…

    Archer class should have the same speed as Man at arms or even a tad higher… and also since the Archer class does 50% more damage (backstabs)… how can we even be useful in combat when we have no speed??

  • & ALSO!

    The Rogue ability for archer class… It would be nice to have a differant visual for when you do initiate a successful backstab… either more blood or just differant strike, but give them something! instead of just adding the 50% more damage and not polishing the perk…

  • You have enough speed to run away and enough to fight in close quarters. But not enough to be more effective than MAA. I think it’s fine as it is.

  • u can also just cap us in spam like nutz with ur pesky slash. that is the most annoying i mean we vanguards with our crappy cheap armour XD finally manage to get close to you cowards and then u run? no way sir

    we finally manage to get close to you and get probably hit once because u finally managed to hit us with ur spam? u can still win without putting effort in it by just stabbing the shit outa us with that dagger … not that parrying such a big weapon would be a problem due to its speed…

    reminder: the way it is suits me best (besides those pesky archers XDDDDDD)

  • The Archer and Man-at-Arms have the exact same speed, 5% faster than a VG and 10% faster than a Knight.

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