Report a Bug...bug.

  • 1: The “Report a Bug” option in the menu doesn’t appear to work, it just opens an empty steam browser.

    2: The phoenix icon (for the Alch) in the UI doesn’t portray accurate information or the ability doesn’t ever come off a cooldown sometimes.

    3: From time to time (I imagine it’s something specific that I’m not noticing) the heartbeat sound effect continues on even after respawn. I had it playing for a full life and then some.

    4: I’ve noticed a few instances where upon death my model would stretch in really strange ways. (These still occur within Chivalry too, to be honest)

    Just wanting to do my part as an Alpha/Beta tester. Cheers! And thanks for the opportunity!

  • @leXith thanks for posting. We’ve got all of these logged.

    I pinned the bug report form to the Bug report thread here and in the #alphafeedback channel on our Discord server. Feel free to use that for future bugs!