Two things I've noticed when playing Mirage

  • Hi, I am one of those few people that plays Mirage and Chivalry exclusively in 3rd person. The 3rd person camera has changed the least out of everything in the game since I have gotten into the alpha. I find this very alarming because Camera motion can dictate so much of the feel of the game and it feels awful.

    Some of the major issues I have with it:
    -It’s at a really high angle so the player is forced to look down upon the map.
    -The player is centered on the screen so the cinematic feel of using the rule of thirds is lost. Also the player often overlaps the crosshair.
    -The camera doesn’t lower when the player crouches so it feels like crouching doesn’t work.
    -The camera cuts the bottom of my player off. This feels awful to me mostly but, it also makes it very hard to duck.

    That being said the 3rd person camera really bugs the hell out of me but it isn’t necessarily the first thing I would change about Mirage. The other thing I would change is how to stab. Right now to stab, the player must stab in a combo. This is game breaking to me. I play mostly spear in Chivalry so that is probably why but hear me out. When my team is fighting, I cannot poke my weapon over the shoulders or between them because I have to swing my weapon. I cant just stab over the shoulder of my ally, I have to swing first. This is probably by design with the intention of giving and advantage when fighting multiple enemies or some other thinking. If that is or isn’t the case, I still think that the stab should be either the start of a new combo set, end the current combo set, or at the very least be just possible on the first attack of a combo.

    Anyway, the amount of polish in combat is much better since the last alpha. I feel the game still has some more polishing that it needs but it’s starting to shape up nicely. Thank you for reading.

    EDIT: I also miss kicking people and large scale battles. I’m going to have a real problem if I cant pillage villagers and kick my sultan.

  • You can stab without performing a combo. Try resetting keybinds (Restore Defaults) and see if it works.

  • @MajorAjer we haven’t spent much time on 3rd person perspective yet and it needs a lot of work. This should be ready for Beta, or at least Launch.

  • @Xylvion Hmm interesting. I’ll try that thank you.

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