• Thanks for giving me the alpha key. I really love this game and i want to give some feedback (i would fill the feedback form but the button doesnt work (atleast for me) so have decided to give some feedback this way. I think that this game will be very succesful once its released. I didnt have many problems with this game what impresses me since its only alpha.
    There are a few things i would like to report though.

    1. Hitboxes are sometimes really stupid (it feels like if people had bad internet but when i check their ping is fine)
    2. Sometimes when i die and respawn i still hear the heartbeat (i think this is only happening on taurant) but this stops after a while.
    3. The climbing mechanics are a bit clunky from time to time

    I hope this has helped atleast a bit. I am definitely hyped for more Mirage content.

  • You can reach the short feedback survey here:

    They will send out a longer one after the session is done.

  • @Xylvion thanks

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