Some specific notes/complaints/suggestions

  • As a tryhard Chivalry player with 700 hours, I loved Mirage; It’s very fun. I did notice some things that didn’t seem right.

    -Pressing an attack/ability button while the parry animation is up seems to queue the attack for a riposte, which is good, but it also performs the attack/ability if you miss the parry; This means that if I want to parry and quickly riposte, but my opponent misses, I’m forced into attacking and possibly trade them/waste stamina feinting. This bugged me a lot and made the combat seem clumsy/unresponsive at times.

    -Combo times seem a bit slow; Many times after a succesful hit, going for a slash combo I got flinched by the opponent’s stab.

    -Attacks play the grunt sound during windup. This makes feint reading harder; In Chivalry you could wait until you heard the grunt to know whether the opponent feinted or not; In mirage the grunt is present even when feinting. Don’t know if this is intentional. Feint windows feel as big as Chivalry’s but the animations seem a little bit more readable, which is good, but the high difficulty of reading feints vs the simplicity of performing them is always annoying to newcomers, nerfing them a little might be reasonable so as to not scare newbies off.

    -Succesful melee hits don’t give much feedback. In Chivalry I could feel the impact when I got a hit, while in Mirage it seemed kind of floaty in my experience. I did play on the lowest settings, could have to do with that.

    -Sometimes when parrying explosion abilities like the Tinkerer’s mines it’s not very easy to tell whether you parried it succesfully, some more instant feedback would be nice.

    -When Entropist looks up, it kinda looks like he is winding up an overhead attack. This can trick people into panic parrying. Not necessarily a bad thing…

    -The Jinn arm thingy on your back in that one map obstructs your vision when you turn your mouse quickly.

    -Characters’ colours are rather hard to distinguish in the lowest settings.

    -Taurant’s heavy breathing when at low stamina is a bit annoying tbh, it’s a bit too constant.

    -Entropist’s parry animation is a little bit confusing as it doesn’t really look like you’re parrying. It does look cool though.

    -I don’t like that the voice commands are ordered differently than in Chivalry. It’s confusing to me :(

    -Also, the chat box looks a bit cluttered with all the objective information and voice commands in it, maybe don’t make the non-important commands (like “laugh”) not appear in the chat box.

    -It would be very nice if we could combo stabs together; Never understood why we couldn’t in Chivalry. Also, Vypress should be able to stab with her other weapon with an alternate stab. (Other characters could simply stab from the other sides; This would make side stabs a more viable tactic)

    That’s what I remember, I just played for a little bit so some of the things might just be because I’m not used to the game. Anyways, the game is really fun so congrats :)

  • I agree with pretty much everything in the OP, except a few things:

    -I don’t think the combo times are the problem here, I think that the flinch might be a bit too short.

    -I find that the stam bar in the middle of your screen and the typical parry sound is enough for explosions, but maybe that’s because I’ve gotten used to it(?)

    -I’ve not had any issues distinguishing colours at any settings, might be some form of colour blindness?

    -You should be able to turn off the voice comms in chat under Game settings iirc.

    The rest is pretty much what I’d post as feedback regarding this build as well. :thumbsup:

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