very impressed!

  • i received a beta key from one of my close friends, and i gotta say (being a chivalry player as well) i am really impressed with the game so far! i absolutely LOVE the theme, and the music is SO. GOOD.
    the audio in the game is VERY high quality, and each successful hit on an enemy is SO gratifying, it makes we want to play even more!
    the gameplay/animations are similar to chivalry, and the only real issue i have with both of those games is the first/third person animations that the player sees. the textures, effects, and sound are spot on for me, but the animations for attacking and run/walking just seem a little choppy and inorganic. while it isn’t the easiest to control, i think that you (Torn Banner Studios) definitely have a really awesome game that can become something amazing!!
    10.5/10 would recommend again!

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