tO the Tornbanner

  • It will pay all you or any yoy help the socalled artist like myself that spend cash to further you and ur notion.

    Seems lik no one cares and as a former host This is not good for anyone

    I been a servant to Torn banners since day one. And if u think u owed? is why no one heard of u?

    I even bougfht games to give away sad u sux on marketing I am done.

  • @honeybiascuit

    I am antoniobradiano and a lover of UDK use UE4. Have got that spin exploit covered it is a glitch. This is to others that said Kismit and Blueprint wasnt hand in hand. Thiere are alot that is the same in Kismet and Bluprints. I want tell any u y? cause u all made me fight fer it

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