End of Match *Celebrations*

  • Instead of the game going into a standstill when the timer runs out at the end of a match, as it does now, make the losing team beg for mercy. The winning team can then revel in lovely, lovely disembowelment for something like 10-15 seconds before the game progresses.

    Notable Example: http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Humil … umiliation

  • mh …. maybe when the round is over both sides could have x and c one for clapping like good work enemy, and c could be like WE STOMPED U IN THE GROUND or something i just mean offensive of admiring calls no fighting. And maybe one to just show your team ur happy that u won

  • I knew you took that from TF2 as soon as I started to read…But yeah, I kinda like the idea ; I am not sure if it’s proper though.

  • Or their have loser team standing in line and winning team get to use fatality style killing move to finish the loser team off one by one.

  • I don’t know if the killing spree is the right choice, but that standstill should be replaced with SOMETHING. Almost anything would be better than just waiting for 10-20 seconds

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