It's time TB showed Respect for its Chivalry players 8 archers on a 24 slot server?

  • I have to say you lot really don’t care at all about the community of Chivalry players considering
    the way you pamper to archers plus increase limits. First they get super op xbows, which seem
    much faster now then last year. As I throw a throwing axe at one he manages to reload and fire xbow
    before my projectile hits him? lol.

    then spears and shields
    used with known glitch shove bugs, Deadly at fov 130 plus instand kills macroed with
    jumps and other shite: then unlimited ammo slingshots, now recently you sneak
    in no Archer limit on servers infact it went from 4 up to 8 . Today witnessing on another official 24 slot
    ffa you have the nerve to allow them 8 slots. Meaning we now have 8 archers on official ffa servers
    plus they actually all team up now in unison: If the idea of playing against 8 teaming archers excites
    you developers < I would suggest it shows a disdain for your players and lack of any honor what so ever.

    Also many of us have noted this trend in T/O games. Archer limits need to be restored.
    Considering you encourage players to learn a complex melee system, buy skins etc.
    Then you undermine it by allowing excessive snipers with op weapons and even then
    go on to release new toys for them at a whim hehe…

  • @Wilt Until about 1.5 months ago, there was no archer limit on 24p FFA and people complained about 10-12 archers, so we put a limit of 8. Updated and reduced archer count to 6.

  • @Reithur do everyone a favour and reduce it to 0 (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง

  • well fighting teaming archers of 3 is horrid but 8 is a real night mare hehe.
    you have to remember a lot can do roh and tricky stuff, take away those butter knifes then

  • Obviously not digging up another old thread of mine but it was noted no spiny or spinning stuff in mordhau
    the opening vid claimed. I wouldn’t imagine it even allows RoH a bug in my book used by the blight of
    Fhp gamer’s in our game. ( Free hit specialists by any means imposible)

  • It’s refreshing to get complaints about archers again on these forums tbh.

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