Formation / Class stack

  • Formation bonuss: ex linking shileds reduced stam tdrain

    Class stack: ex: castl rampart, no matter wht ur class is u can do ranged class stuff make a class stack with penailites etc leave reamparts and ur the class u picked make coolre batltes etc, 1 spawn on rampart have arros jump off wall ur ur class uchoose…

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  • I’m afraid I have absolutely no idea what your talking about.

    Maybe a mechanic which penalises a team which is too heavily made up of one class? I am not sure that would work even if the developers would put such a restriction on the players. I know in scrims we insist and in force the 50/50 rule but I would never dream of opposing such on the pub player base.

  • is he speaking english? i’d try to translate that gibberish but i can’t seem to be able to read it myself

  • Using my first-hand knowledge of english teenagers who have fingers like a cucumber I think he means;

    if your team is defending a castle then there should be a box with ranged weapons in on the ramparts, and no matter which class you are you could pick up a ranged weapon to use.

    I think thats what he means but I think the ammo box has this covered

  • Actually, I think he means that if the players gather together into formations, they gain bonuses.

    Say you have a bunch of footmen, and they form a line with their shields up. They can support each other, and their stamina decreses slower with each added man in their shield wall. Or you have a spearman behind a footman, and the footman’s defence power is increased while the attack power of the spearman in increased as well, with no FF from the spearman for attacks on the enemy engaging the footman.

    I think that’s what he’s on about. Using actual military tactics as buffs to increase your team’s effectiveness. In theory, that’s a really good idea, but I don’t think it’ll work, simply because you then have a balance issue.

    Experianced players will know what these buffs are, know how to use them, and know how to defeat them. With experienced players, it’ll work perfectly. With one team of experianced and one team of noobs, of with two teams of noobs, it wouldn’t work as well. The noobs wouldn’t know what is causing the extra buffs, and they would spam whatever happens to work and it often wouldn’t work. Using actual military tactics should be encouraged and be possible, yes, but not with an arbitrary system that just makes it generically “better” and what it does anyway.

    As for the other part of his post, what I think h means is that you automatically become an Archer when standing on the walls of a castle, but when you leave the castle, you’re the class you selected. I don’t like that idea because then you’re not playing the game how you want to play, and you’re not being prepared for a lot of possibilities, such as an enemy knight attacking the archers. If you’re automatically an archer in that area, and a knight gets in, and stays in, you’re screwed. He can easily kill you becore you have a chance to react.

    I would love to see a Chivalry shield wall or testeudo, and I would love to see a line of footmen in front of pikemen, both in front of archers. Footmen and pikemen duck for the archers to fire, then they stand up and engage the advancing army.I would love to see these kinds of formations dynamically form and fall during a match when it fits for them to do so.

  • @Ajax:

    I would love too see large slow grouped numbers of people hiding from archer fire.

    true, but so would my catapult sites :evil: :evil:
    think of that large part of helms’ deeps wall that lands on the uruk-hai when it blows up SQUISH

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