• curious if anyone plans on getting it. I’m not a pc guy so i’ll wait for console version in 5 years

  • I backed it, $100. Going to finally get around to building a new PC too.

  • Not me I am buying a game late March hint hint , plus the latest hotshot video card vega or 1080ti.
    Even though Chivalry reddit is full of comments about it , plus some pleb actually
    put a link to the utube video of it on my mirage art work. Two Threads about it earlier
    got removed as they appeared on the Chivalry steam hub ?, it seems reddit chaps
    can do what they want, swear and call TB names quite easily. I am surprised this
    thread is still here op hehe…

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Wilt
    The Chivalry subreddit is not run by TBS, they can do whatever they want. As for this thread, move it to off topic, it’d be fine I think. There’s room for both games.

  • I just watched the new trailer and dizzam that game is going to be a fo rizzal game. The fact the Chivs hasn’t turned into this is ridiculous.

  • @SDS-NewAgeKnight
    I disagree tbh , yes it looks quite ok but this the grass is greener in the other field doesn’t wash. If not for Chivalry
    that wouldn’t even exist would it ? The fact that TB allowed modding and access to its code was extremely kind.
    Luckily if they do return to this type of project the assets they have will save a lot of time plus hardcore chivalry
    gamer’s will return. Plus many still won’t be up and going. What does that rizzly thing mean btw?

  • @Wilt I play console Chivs and I am not interested in getting a PC. We have such a horrible version of the game. Even when I have good ping vs good ping it still lags. There is always a certain server that has some kind of issue. Don’t get me wrong I love Chivs buy if our port doesn’t ever get any better then I’m going to keeps my hopes up that a better version of the game releases for Xbox.

  • points noted tbh. I am considering an xbox myself due to the extremely pricey gtx 1080ti or any so called
    can’t live without video cards for the pc. I’d still save money buying a console plus.

  • RiiiiiiiP Chivalry

  • I doubt that , considering all those elitists were praising tryhard roh players with twirling dancing , while bragging
    about some phantom skill ceiling to use such methods …
    It’s rather amusing how those plebs now say they can’t stand it or never liked those moves t or that those were bugs
    now they switched to supporting .Mu.

    The very idea Mordhau claims to have no such gimmicky stuff translates into the Chivalry tryhards are in for
    a real shock because that game was intended to filter out that kind of rubbish so those gamer’s will soon
    understand just how bad they are without such stupid gimmicky moves to rely on. Unlike our present Chivalry
    blighted by such trolls in combat hehe.

  • @Wilt
    People have been supporting Mordhau since it was called Slasher and was prototyped over a year ago.
    A lot of the people backing were the people that quit or never played Chivalry competitively because of the extremes people took the mechanics.

    The ones that were competitive are looking forward to a more balanced game. Just because they used reverses, etc, doesn’t mean they can’t adapt, because at the higher levels of play you had to use all mechanics well to succeed. If anything they’ll have a leg up because of the stuff does carry over.

    The loss of extreme drags won’t reduce depth because other mechanics have been added to replace them, such as chambering, clashing, etc. Mix that with better balance overall, and just maybe both sides will be happy.

  • They have raised a lot of funds tbh on kickstarter. Points noted but you know once you go down that road
    it’s very hard to impossible to get back. I must admit looking forward to clan demos oneday , perhaps in
    first person would be good as in Q3 you could cycle through players via camera all in first. This type
    of clan demo watching really brings home a players skills unlike watching those 3rd person demos imo.

    edit : not to say I did not enjoy some of those great T/O clan demos with Dr nick and other commentators.
    First person demos of such epic clan encounters would get more hooked in the genre imo though.

  • Off course you know wise Chivalry players will play both, perfect gaming a pair of medieval feasts to play.
    After all I have many versions of Quake 3 upto 1.32 plus dabbled in Qlive running my own Three servers
    for over 1000 hrs as recently as last year. It does no harm to have a few options in a game genre you enjoy tbh.

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