My thoughts and feedback

  • So after roughly ten hours of gameplay (Which isn’t as much as I’d like but there are a lot of games competing for attention lately, and I have games and alphas/betas falling on me faster than I can play them all, but for the time I played this game, I was in heaven. Most of the time.

    First of all, I love the combat. The combat is exquisite. It’s fast, it’s heavy, and it’s gory. Gorey? I love the abilities, the artstyle, the map layout with all their flanking routes and the multiple routes, with paths going over and under each other.

    The things I really think could use work?
    Projectiles! The projectiles rarely ever hit, even when you see the projectile go straight through an enemy. I find this very frustrating, but hey! It’s an alpha!

    The Taurant. Dear lord, the Taurant. I love him, but I hate him. He’s so nice to have on your side when you play Vypress, he’s the perfect wingman for her. But going up against him is a nightmare. If he uses his whirlwind attack, you’re dead. You might as well lay on the ground and give up, because if he uses that, you can’t stop him. I’ve tried blocking that attack in so many different ways and timings, but I always die. I get that he’s supposed to be the big beefy guy everybody wants to be with, but… Come on. Surely, such a big guy should swing slower than the vypress, but I can never interrupt him with a strike from the Vypress. Kinda bugged me, but all the more reason to put in more hours.

    Now, for the things I loved the most.

    The design… I love the way Vypress looks, she looks equally stunning as she looks vicious. I didn’t really find any of the others to be as eye-popping, aside from maybe the Taurant, who is very menacing to see when he comes at you.

    The weapons and abilities add a lot of variety, and I adore the sickle for the Vypress.

    To summarize, awesome game! I’ll be looking for a chance to pre-order for sure, and will be looking forward more greatness from you! Keep it up!

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