My Feedback

  • Hello, i only played the sixth round of the alpha.
    They seems really great ! colorful, bright, wall jump make maps more open and you feel like you can go on the roofs of the 2 objectives map( i don’t remember its name, you need to capture glyphs and then you have to stay close to the objective while it is moving) but sadly you can’t. I think you can lower a bit some building to be able to go on the roofs, it would be stunning ! My favorite map is the djinn lantern “race” map, it is really colorful, you can chase / escape. My “most hated” map is the desert one ( glyphs mode ) when you have to run to get to the other side of the map, to my mind the map is a bit too big but portals are a nice idea !
    As a chivalry player I find the game slow as hell. The combat mechanics are a bit floppy. I’m okay to be slow with the taurant class ; it’s a huge guy but i find The Tinker, Vypress and Vigilist classes too slow, your slashes take an eternity to end. Everything in the game seems too slow for me which make the game less exciting. Respawns time were a bit too long for me especially in glyph mode. Why the vigilist can’t toggle his shield instead of a simple block ? By the way the spear is mosty used as a sword; it may be great to make like the spear in Chivalry or at least be less effective at close distance
    They are well balanced at the moment, I have some ideas :
    -Trickster can set smoke mines that create a cloud where foes can’t regen health
    -Alchemancer; if you click longer enough on the left click you can fire 3 rockets simultaneously
    -Taurant; if you charge a foe and he get send to a wall he gets extra damages

    What i had like to change in short: make the maps more open, make the gameplay lively/sharp/quick

    thanks you for the alpha ! Awesome work even i don’t like everything !

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