Thoughts on the game

  • So my thoughts come as follows. First, I feel that there should be better or more ways to break up repetitive strike/parry back and forths. In Chiv you had the feign and the kick, but the kick is gone here and the feign almost never works for several of the heavier classes due to their slow swing time(Vigilist, Taurant). Second, I think there needs to be more incentive to play the Entropist healer as I see him as one of the most effective yet least utilized classes. Perhaps a slight buff? Additionally, incentives towards playing the objective would be nice, such as a slight boost in health or a decrease in your ability recharge as a reward for picking up the objective you need to carry to the point. Finally, my main suggestion would be to increase the creativity of objectives in Team Objective matches- they’re boring. I think something Chivalry did exceptionally well was allowing players to feel as though they were really taking part in a medieval situation, especially with the siege like objectives where you would go around killing peasants, climbing walls and freeing kings. It really allowed the theme of the game to shine in its own very unique light and complimented the strong core gameplay with meaningful objectives that were fun and diverse between maps. While I recognize that you have probably not set out to create a carbon copy of Chivalry, but the objectives felt like they had worth and purpose there, whereas here they feel empty and pointless. What am I working towards? Points. There, I was retaking a castle or defending our citizens, which made it feel like pushing a cart had meaning and like I was working towards a larger goal. Here, I am pushing a cart for points. So I can win a match of a video game. It sort of takes you out of it and makes it less engaging and fun when there doesn’t appear to be meaning behind the objectives, is my point. All in all, I think you have a strong game in the works here, but it would be wonderful if you revamped Team Objective matches to make them a little more flavorful. 7.9/10 very promising. Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions about my response.

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