[Suggestion] Projectile cam for ballista and catapult

  • Hey guys,

    I really would love to have a projectile cam for ballista and catapult like the arrowcam for archers and throwing weapons.

    It would be great if you can see how the catapult’s rock smashes enemies :D

  • I thought there already was for the ballista…

  • At first I thought this might make targeting specific high traffic areas with a catapult too easy and rewarding, but the catapult rocks are slower and significantly lower in area effected than the giant flaming explosive balls that AoC had, so maybe it would work.

  • that would be awesome !

  • It really would be nice to see the rock break on the ground and the pieces fly everywhere hitting people. But what if it had the same problem as the current arrowcam? Not showing contact. It would defeat the purpose of watching it.

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