Player Unfairly Banned From Chatting for Over 1 Year!?!?

  • So I was just chatting with someone from the duel server I was playing on, and apparently he’s been banned from using in-game chat for almost an entire year! That seems entirely preposterous to me. First off, I didn’t know it was possible to be banned from chat; secondly, I can’t even imagine what sort of satanic chat transgression you would need to have committed in order for your person to be denied from chatting in-game for an entire year. I don’t agree with a chat ban/censorship at all (votekicks will take care of that if need-be), but for it to go on for an entire year is completely ridiculous. After talking to the censored-in-question, here’s what he told me:

    This forum post is a petition for this poor guy to have his freedom of speech back. I mean I’ve heard the absolute worst of humanity come out of chiv chat, and I myself have participated in that, and I’ve never heard of somebody getting their voice entirely snatched from the game.

    Rotsy!: haha fuckin nice one
    Sheep: gf
    Rotsy!: id address you in the chat, but im chat banned
    Sheep: is that a real thing?
    Sheep: how does that happen
    Rotsy!: lol let me finish this fight, and i will tell you the short story, its commpletely unjustified
    Sheep: interested to hear it
    Rotsy!: okay so
    Rotsy!: long sotry short, i was in a lobby and there was a player named “NIGGGER”… spelled just like that. he was being very rude, and i addressed him by his name. and an admin named “PDK” saw me address him, and literally banned me first, then i complained, and they reduced it to a chat ban. i even have witnesses who backed me up
    Rotsy!: its complete horseshit
    Sheep: yeah that does sound like horseshit
    Sheep: I didn’t even know
    Sheep: what server was this?
    Sheep: it’s like you have to file a lawsuit against someone, to get the banned from the game at all
    Sheep: but I’ve never heard of someone being banned from the chat
    Rotsy!: it was duel mode 09 west
    Sheep: wow
    Rotsy!: about 1 year ago
    Sheep: wait so you can’t talk in chat for a year?
    Sheep: no way
    Rotsy!: i havnt been able to talk for about 1 year
    Rotsy!: and its staying that way
    Sheep: not at all
    Rotsy!: i had baron von moorland undue it, but then, the next day, i was re-baned
    Sheep: I’m going to get you unbanned
    Sheep: like anything else to that story?
    Sheep: again I’ve NEVER heard of someone being banned from chat entirely
    Rotsy!: no, thats literally it,
    Rotsy!: no joke
    Rotsy!: i cant type in any official server
    Sheep: we’re gonna petition for you my man
    Rotsy!: great to hear, psilo cybane is my witness
    Rotsy!: and PDK needs to be taken off the admin team
    Rotsy!: ive heard similar stories to mine, all of them involving him

    So in conclusion, if you support the motion to reinstate this guy’s ability to CHAT IN THE FUCKING GAME, please support this! How ridiculous is it that we hear constant racist;inflamatory;vulgar;hate-filled chat 24/7 and THIS guy gets banned from being able to talk in the game? What the fuck? Am I the only person who thinks this is completely unwarranted?

    Please show your support, and thank you for reading.


  • I seem to remember playing with Rotsy a few times, no complaints. If nothing else it sounds like this warrants further investigation by TB.

  • Kind of you to bring this to our attention Sheep.

    And to whom it may concern,

    If you have the power to undo this chat banishment, please do. It will take far less effort than Sheeps initial post and you’d be doing the right thing too.

    – Hobbes

  • Definitely not cool, assuming everything in OP is accurate, but I don’t see why Rotsy would have any reason to lie to Sheep.

    Any good admin would have noticed that Rotsy was addressing someone by their in-game name instead of jumping the gun. Even so, mistakes happen, but to be rebanned after clearing it up, with witnesses to testify?
    Sounds like someone had a chip on their shoulder.

    At least Rotsy was unbanned from playing but chatbanning for over a year is not justifiable here in the slightest, especially when there’s a handful of toxic trollhards I can think of off the top of my head running free who deserve it.

    Please unchatban this man.

  • Yea I got chat banned years ago without warning or notification to it. Jokes on them though tbh, It only affects me on like 2 servers, and I hardly play chiv on my main acc anymore anyway and won’t be buying mirage for obvious reasons.

  • Would be nice to hear PDK’s explanation here or someone from admin team.

  • @Sheepdude Obviously without being there my opinion is of course just that. Personally if I witnessed a player spamming the name of someone who had an offensive name I would take it up with the player who’s name is offensive firstly. Though it’s interesting to see the intent behind using a player’s offensive name in chat and how frequently you’re using it. It’s good to stand firm though I do believe after a year of having your chat revoked it may be time to have it lifted. If I can’t do anything - I’ll at least see if I can first.
    It’s important to keep the toxic banter to a minimum. It’s the intent behind what one says that can “trigger” me personally.

    It’s interesting to see how players like to push boundaries in chat versus simply having a good time with one another. Sheepdude - just because you can get away with “the absolute worst chat’s in humanity” when no mods are online doesn’t mean it’s the norm. You’re adding to the toxicity in doing so and making the environment less welcoming and thus turning players away. When a mod calls you on your habits and lays down the law you shouldn’t get upset. Read the welcome screen on the official servers to see what the rules are. If you feel those rules are preposterous then form your own server and community.
    I’m not trying to trigger anyone else with this reply, i’m simply giving my side.

    @rotsy - I believe we were friends at one point in steam but I can’t seem to find you now - or you simply changed your name. Either way, reach out if you need anything.

    Everyone else - Keep it gracious. Keep players into the game. If you ‘LuLz’ because your goal is to make players rage quit. you may want to reflect on your intentions and if you’re a welcome addition to Chivalry. (at least the official servers)

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