Chivalry Boot Camp

  • @Patriotize so right

  • @Patriotize Also the only Close friends i have in here as tutors are YounderTrout, Isla & Achilles. Which i didn’t pick. The rest of the people im good with But i’ve had past arguments and problems with them. as far as i can see no Biased choice Selection here. and I’m planning on leaving chiv after this 2v2 tournament myself so…im literally here to pass on what i know and my techniques before i leave as im buying a PC and potentially going to be mainly on Mordhau.

    but i dislike to abandon my origins without giving something back to the community. which is why im here.

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    @Patriotize it’s funny because they’re actually tutoring people so it kinda disproves everything you said about it lol

  • @SP45T1C-H4WK Literally disproves nothing I just said? You obviously seem to have tunnel vision reading so please do remove the Crusties from your eyes and read. It goes way beyond wether or not people will join it. How many times do I have to make you look stupid before you stop trying to counter everything i say?

    Anywho, @AST-I-Hitokiri I respect the effort of what you’re doing giving back to the community, but it doesn’t overshadow what I previously stated. You’re building the new Meta of knight and vanguard play types. That’s why Cake rejected an offer to train archers. Because It. is. Not. Meta. Simple. It’s nothing personal to either of you. But it is a simple observation.

  • @Patriotize True. But me personally i play Knight and MAA, Archer.

    i don’t play Archer so much (For multitute of reasons) but i do think we should have Archer Training and i do personally think Epic would be the best choice.

    But to be completely honest. I’m not entirely sure how to train people in Archery Skills. as it’s more personal predicting and judgement. But i think it’s not gonna hurt having the option there for people to select.

  • Trout and myself have decided to offer Archer Training if someone actually requests wanting Archer training.

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    @Patriotize you only think you make me look stupid because you think you’re always In the right when really you just sound like a complete knob, you said about how no one will do the tutoring and all this when they’ve teachers and students, so shut your big headed obnoxious mouth and go pick on someone your age you keyboard warrior.

  • @C4KE-from-SP4C3 Good lads. quick question though. Is anyone being appointed Archer role?

  • @AST-I-Hitokiri When someone actually asks for Archer training, then we will most likely appoint epickillmaster the role of the Archer Tutor.

  • Ryvo Sovan



    I want to pass down my spazziness and fairly decent actual skill to someone who will use it wisely for the next generation of Chivalry

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    @Ryvo-Sovan yessssssssss

  • @SP45T1C-H4WK well judging from the amount of people that dislike you and seem to agree with my previous statement, you’re stupid. But I really should stop arguing with a 14 year old, you’re absolutely right.

    Sorry you had to get picked on by a “keyboard warrior.” Gg❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

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    @Patriotize go look at me thread ya dirty mong

  • Game is dead. Both versions are losing players and its getting noticeable. As for the servers, they are degrading. Now the game cant take 3 people swinging at once and with MagicBox 1 im assuming its worse. Both version wont live this year and your training will only have effect for maybe 2 months. Its over. Wait for mordhau. I already have my PC and now we just wait.

  • Chivalry is dead.

  • And ya’ll can’t stop it. Maybe things would be different if TB handed the port to a responsible company but what is done is done.

  • I’ve quit Chivalry.
    (For The Third & Final Time)
    Please Remove me from the: Tutors List & 2v2 Tournament. (Sorry YounderTrout & Sorry to the pupils if any complications happen)

    On the Upside of things i might be receiving a PC Faster then expected so…i might see some of you on PC. if not,Well…Cya!!!

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    @AST-I-Hitokiri bye Hitokiri 😢😢😢

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    @Patriotize people only dislike me because of how I play, but when they actually talk to me they realise that I’m a nice guy, even at that not that many people dislike me😅 I’m 17 not 14 genius, just assumed my age I guess? Yea sounds like something an imbecile would do, like you. You aren’t smart, no one likes you🙂

  • @epickillmaster Cya M8. Was a pleasure to know you 😆

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