i get this error .

  • I have no idea if i am trying to play it at the right time atm but i am getting this as an error every time i try to play atm - Aborting matchmaking because we were unable to find any servers ! - no idea if its a bug or the lack of people online atm or it’s maybe something at my end . Thanks for looking up this post !

    PS- i’ve restarted steam and even made all the updates i could for everything i had to update .

  • I suggest you actually read the times setup for matchmaking in the posts made about the times for matchmaking.
    Tbh just yesterday a post by a developer was on site about the latest times for matchmaking …

  • @dreamer346 our servers aren’t up yet; we’re not running Mirage full time because the game is in alpha still.

    Wilt is correct; the most recent details about our next test can be found here.

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