Class restrictions as server options?

  • Are there any plans to allow server moderators to restrict certain classes from being used in game? I ask this because i want to be able to play in a server without archers in it,I feel archers have little place in a game like this and are nothing more than an annoyance to other players and do not promote fun gameplay, archers do not contribute to the team in any way and can not play the objective.And its never fun getting killed by an archer because there is no awesome duel,no clanging of metal and exchange of blows,you just hear a whoosh sound and die randomly.It also isn’t fun when you have 5 or 6 archers on your team because they don’t contribute toward the completion of the objective,they just sit in the back and piss people off,its like being down a player for every archer that’s on your team.I know im not the only one who feels this way because what ive noticed the few times ive played as an archer is that if an enemy sees me he will usually stop what hes doing and charge straight for me and not even focus on the objective just to kill me even if it means running past a horde of enemies and getting killed in the proses and i can tell that the guy attacking me hates archer too because of the way he wildly swings his weapon all over the place like a psychopath and ignores any enemies that try to kill him.

  • Yes, I believe this is planned.

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