Some problem i want to ask.

  • 1.why I always stuck in matchmaking (I’m asia player)? (1 hour play only 1 match Q_Q )
    2.If i open game first then my computer other sound will be close, and when i close game sound are back.

    rly love this game plz Help! thx. (btw my english is bad).

  • @Peanut0wo Matchmaking depends greatly on how many players in your region are available to play with. It’s possible that there are not many currently in your region trying to play.

    We’ll need more information on your system to troubleshoot your audio issue. Can you please follow our instructions for getting your DxDiag and post here?

  • @Reithur OK,maybe Taiwan Not so many people concerned this great game. ! _ !

    Here is my Computer System,If something i did wrong plz tell me.

    System Specifications

    Graphics card :Nvidia GTX 960 2G
    OS:Win 7
    headset: Logitech G430

    Describe your issue with as much detail as you can

    Ok,So if my computer playing some video or music and when i open Mirage: Arcane Warfare , all my sound will be close, maybe the game passed the audio to my microphone?

    List any of your own troubleshooting steps that you’ve already taken

    I close the Game , and my sound is back every time.
    (If i open game first then open video or music they will be fine)

    Locate and post your logfile

    My F:\Steam\steamapps\common\MirageAWTest\TBL did not have “save” this folder.

    Run a dxdiag;

    here is the result

  • @Reithur I just find error, Game just set my mic to main audio So my Headset sound is gone, maybe Add a setting let player select audio equipment?

    So I thought disabled the microphone will be solved that problem, And Win7 vloume mixer show Mirage: Arcane Warfare is on my headset so Yes it’s work, But my headset still can’t heard any sound, unless I close the game…

  • Thanks for the details on this.

    Moved to Tech Support section.

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