Honor - Gaming Community - Introduction

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    Welcome to Honor’s introductory topic for Chivalry Medieval Warfare. Honor will aim to be an active and casual gaming community for people to hang out as well as get together to play all sorts of games. Though we are not large in our member-base, we hope that some people will consider joining us to help build up our goals and vision. The gaming genres we aim to play in will be those of MMORPG’s such as Black Desert Online, to MMOFPS’s such as WarFace. We hope that we may spark an interest with those seeking to help a community in its early stages and hopefully we can start taking part in co-op/teamwork based games. Honor’s forums/website will be below and our Discord is also on the forums.


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  • Still recruiting, 5 people have joined the community already. Help us out and I’ll be sure to reward those most interested. We are a gaming community with lots of potential and lots to show our Honor for in Chivalry Medieval Warfare.

  • Still recruiting. Around 10 members right now. Come join us before our TS3 fills up. TS3 updated for 25 slots. Including anti-DDoS protection for both forums/TS3. Join today, be part of an Honor-sided community.

  • Up to around 10 members so far. From OSRS players to WarFace, come one come all to our unified gaming group for casual and veterans of gaming and for our Chivalry Medieval Warfare group. Always looking for experienced players!

  • Bumping our recruitment topic. We have a small community right now, almost baby-like, but cater to casual players to join us whether experienced or not. Please register on our Enjin forums as well as fill out the easy recruitment thread. We have our staff group set up and ready to go so you will not have to wait too long to be processed into our community. So far we have a small member-base but will be expanding throughout this year. Let’s bring back Honor to the gaming community.

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