Player is not on the guest list

  • so, after a few rounds today i suddenly got this issue. i try to start matchmaking, and after roughly 2 minutes of bein in a queue, i got this error: player is not on the quest list. please join the server… yadda yadda.
    this keeps me from playing, and i would like to know if the issue lies on my end or not.
    i’ve tried restarting the game, going into a queue and cancel it again, then rejoining a queue etc.

  • i just download and player is not on guest list and just got key

  • hello i just opened topic about same problem on the alpha support section i guess its about the servers at the moment take look at my topic tho game developer replied

  • Ive got the same problem here. Have played in two of your previous alpha tests with no problem, today after two complete matches i cant seem to get into a game anymore. Matchmaking puts me into a match, then kicks me out and tells me
    “Player is not on the guest list, please use the server browser or matchmaking. Report this issue if it persists.”

    Hope this helps you guys.

  • Yeah same

  • tried verifying game files, tried restarting steam, tried restarting router. nothing works.
    one could think that the devs are looking into this issue, because many players have reported this issue, but we’ve heard nothing in particular of them so far.

  • @gabgab01 There are multiple topics all reporting the same issue right now, working through each.

    This is now a known issue and we are working on it.

    Moved to Tech Support section.

  • Same issue here

  • @Reithur thank you.

  • Yea this is happening to me now every other match I join. When it’s not the guest list error I join successfully and as soon as I enter the server I get “lost connection to host”. It’s basically been alternating between these 2 problems for the last half hour.

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