Server Browser Access Bug

  • I can access the server browser by spamming clicks on the region where the play button is before it’s enabled to click (while splash screens are loading or when player is logging in). Just thought you dev’s might want to know since you aren’t supposed to be able to access the browser.

    EDIT: My bad, I should have put this thread in the Bug Reports section rather than the Technical Support section.

  • On second look the play button is actually titled “Server Browser” while the player is logging in and clicking it will open the server browser. It isn’t until the player logs in that the “Server Browser” text is changed to “Play”.

  • @Keptic This is what you would see if you have dropped your connection to steam. Try restarting Steam.

  • @Reithur Even after restarting steam I can still open the server browser by clicking on it while I’m logging in. I tried restarting steam and then starting the game on 3 separate attempts and could still access the browser. Keep in mind I’m not having a problem accessing the matchmaking, I can just wait to fully log in and the Server Browser button changes to Play, just saying I can access the Server Browser when I shouldn’t be able to.

  • I’m able to access it the same way. Spamming back splash near play button. Saw 1 server come up under Internet.

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