What I noticed and thought after one match

  • Graphics

    • My PC runs on Integrated Graphics
    • With all visuals on their lowest setting, the art style was still pleasing to look at


    • I played with mouse and keyboard (I don’t know if controller support is enabled yet, but I had the choice of setting up my steam controller for it, and may try it next match or next test day)
    • The movements stopped and skipped around a lot (though this could be due to not having a GPU)
    • The default keys feel familiar (and I’ve been told the mouse commands are the same as Chivalry, though I have not played it), but still distinct
    • I mistook the pre-match lobby for the entire Alpha test, as I was left to attack and be attacked by my team with no indication that we were waiting for more players to join for over 5 minutes
    • My match quickly dwindled to my full team against a team of 2 players at most, usually 1, and sometimes 0
    • I really appreciated the choice of weapons and abilities, and would love for this to be expanded upon


    • I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of available options available, considering this is in Alpha
    • Options include VSync, music volume, graphics, voice chat, amount of gore, and more

    I’ve never played Chivalry, but I’m told the controls for the mouse are similar. As someone who likes the idea of the new Hero Shooter genre, but dislikes shooters, I really appreciate some of the same features (abilities and point capturing) in a melee game. Even on the lowest settings, I liked the visual style. While in game, it can take time to get enough people in both teams for the match to begin, and, even then, it’s entirely possible that you can end up playing on a full team against a team of literally nobody. I would definitely like to play more of this, but the animations and abilities lag and skip around (at least without a GPU; I expect it to be a lot smoother if you do have one), and that makes my experience with this type of game unplayable.

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