My review as long time Chivalry player.

  • im gonna keep this short.
    I like the overall design , colors, graphics etc.

    I really appreciate the dodging system by crouching and looking up which is special to this game physics
    but there are some things that i dont get it,
    example you cannot make backward attack like in the chilvary (when you crouch and look up then scroll up to hit the enemy that stands behind you)
    physics seems decrased somehow made it more unrealistic which is actually matters alot for me :D
    id like to create my own unique attacks like that also in this game.

    Also i got more problem which is really important that i realized i cannot create an attack while Yelling or rushing towards to enemy while screaming with C button. that makes me uncomfortable :D

    except those i really appreciate the idea of the game - adding rank ''competitive ‘’ system with spesific skills to each character

  • What an earth do you mean backwards attacks as in ROH reverse overhead bug we got stuck with in Chivalry?
    its utter rubbish and a free hit dream for weak gamer’s tbh. That is why Mirage doesn’t have it or that other game
    on kickstarter atm.

  • @yasoing we’ve removed reverse overheads and reverse slashes from Mirage as they were a major complaint for Chivalry players.

    In both Chivalry and Mirage, you can use Feint to cancel your Warcry animation. Q in Chivalry, R in Mirage.

    We’re working on features related to Matchmaking, but we’ll be able to talk more about those as we approach launch.

  • @Reithur thank you very much for making that clear, i didnt know that reverse overheads got removed and i can cancel my warcry with the R button. waiting for this game to get released , im in!

  • @Wilt thank i got it :d

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