Tactical Message voice spam

  • I should bring to your attention as you join an official server the rules clearly state useless spam text is not
    allowed, so by that I would also think the idea of players constantly asking a gamer to shut up with his
    constantly spamming tactical messages with that menu should be taken into the moderation remit imo.

    Today for example for 7 maps all we could hear was one players spam of tactical messages being just
    4 which seemed to be binded to his movement keys because when witness in spec his tactical message
    spamming did not cease at all even while swinging his sling or sword, parrying etc…

    Imo This kind of thing is no better or worse then plain old chat spam text which server admins kick for
    as per rules…

    I would suggest a delay in that tactical messages by some sort of timer or moderate it as spam if
    used excessively by one individual on a server. I have a steam ID here if admins want it , of a gamer
    over 7 maps with no respite from his spam of tactical messages despite being asked by many including
    myself to just be quiet and reduce his spam in this fashion.

    you can hear this in a small ffa map i might add, and I mean every player is subjected to this kind of nasty
    voice spam. Its not as if you gave them the tools to just mute him/her
    edit: mute was tried off menu it doesn’t seem to work or apply result
    was seeing a server empty out due to this kind of constant spam by just one crass gamer.

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