My Opinions On Players

  • so let’s get Straight into it.
    (Excuse Grammar, Trying to keep Train of thought and im typing from phone :P)

    I’ll start off with Plebs Clan and move my way through all EU clans first.

    B00ger Knight.
    The guy i Respect the most in all of Chivalry. Speaks his mind how it is. if he don’t like you he will tell you haha. He tends to be non biased alot of the time. Entertaining person to listen to in parties. Just don’t get on his bad side else… Yeeeeeaaah. Halfdan Knows why lol.

    SP4C3 C4KE.
    Awesome, lively Personality That will constantly keep you Smiling. Can tend to Be very slightly Salty and has a one way street of viewing things. His opinion tends to be fact in his mind. But overall nice guy to speak to. Good Mind Set for Clan leader. One of the best guys you could speak to for ages.

    Jake Bennie.
    Ive had my fair amount of problems with Jake in the past. He can be Wreckless and Rash and can lose his temper quite easily and often you can have no idea why he hates you but if you get to know him he’s quite a chill guy to speak to in a party. He is very mature id even say too mature for the community he is in.

    Ser Plague.
    Funny Guy, Awesome sense of humor. could spend hours speaking to him with some of the random yet stupid things he says is just downright funny. Demands the spot light alot of the time. But he’s probably the best Prospect for a future Competitive star even though i hate his playstyle of using and abusing the SoW’s capabilities and Feinting too much. Needs to sort his connection out or could steal Errors Packet of chips.

    Don’t know him so well but after last week or so me and him have been cool. Reminds me of Benkei’s attitude.

    Rest of plebs don’t know so well so…yeah.


    Skilled player but often shows most of his true skill behind closed doors for some reason :/
    Can’t read feints for the life of him. Comes across as shy but just doesn’t speak often. he’s got a good mindset for leadership even after i pretty much threw him into leader when i left the 1st time. Took it like a champ. Respect!

    AST I Achilles.
    Funny guy, Good sense of humor. Always eager to improve his skill and he actually reminds me of myself. Doesn’t speak anymore. No idea why.

    AST I Benkei.
    Probably the most Wrongly understood player in chivalry. Awesome person to speak to. The most Chill guy i know. Good but dark sense of humor aswell. He Tends to not involve himself with people he doesn’t know so well or like. Very Rash behaviour but often only in self defense. Reminds me of Jake Bennie quite abit.

    GoA Halfdan.
    Good laugh, Awesome guy. Helpful, Down to earth thinker and a Pure Troll all at the same time. my favourite player on Chiv Personality wise. good skilled player who often plays his own abilities down sadly. although won’t shy away from bragging about himself when the opportunity presents it’s self.

    My History With YounderTrout was way before his competitive Debut. i met him in LTS before he joined KR in which i personally told him my own history with KR and he decided to leave and join GoA instead. (Thank me later Halfdan xoxo) Really Nice, Kind guy. Lot of fun to play with and like Achilles always wants to improve. One of my best friends on chiv.

    KotS [I don’t know most of KotS on a personal level]

    KotS Himaking.
    Chill Guy, Very Compassionate on the communities progress. Good guy to hang with on FFA. Alot of potential.

    NewGen. (OOOOOoooooh ikr)
    I’m gonna be honest. i used to hate the guts of Error.
    But after time went by and TGL disbanded he grew on me. He’s not such a bad guy afterall…he just has a short fuze. Although still has Major Packetloss. ewww👎

    TGL Vader.

    One of my Favourite personalities on Chiv. Chill, Nice guy. Got alot of skill and a Generally Respectable guy on chivalry. Once you know him you’ll understand what i mean. you could judge him wrongly when he sometimes goes and kills the whole Public lobby. but give him a chance.

    Honorable Mentions.

    Cheerful guy. Cool to speak to but becomes very annoying if he suddenly decides he wants to kill the whole lobby. Decent archer sometimes too. Can get into arguments quite fast but thats just the Irish blood 💪

    Best Archer on Chiv IMO although Benkei could give him a run for his money on good day.
    Funny guy, Down To earth. Open Mindset. Seems to prefer Fun over skill which i personally love. My Favourite NA player. 👍

    Will add more when i can think of them Sorry.

    [If anyone has an Opinion on me then Fire away. i can take criticism and I respect full honesty]

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