Mirage Troubleshooting Guide

  • We have a number of solutions for issues listed in this post; please review the following before you post a technical support thread.

    Mirage is currently still in development and we are discovering new issues and working on solutions daily. This guide will be updated with new solutions as required.

    Ensure that your Video Drivers are the most recent version prior to launching the game.

    Note: This guide is also available on Steam

    Game Crashes or Does Not Launch

    You must run the 64bit version of Windows 7, 8, or 10; the game will not run on any other operating system.
    • Mirage is not currently available for 32bit versions of Windows, or any version of Linux or Mac.
    • If you have recently installed the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, please see this thread.
    Game Crashes

    If your game crashes at any time, try verifying your game files through your Steam Library;


    If you crash when using the server browser, reduce your in-game browser pings in Steam Settings:
    0_1491350375225_Steam In-game Browser Pings.png

    If you have an AMD Video Card
    • If you have an AMD Video Card, please update to the latest AMD drivers and/or set Framerate Smoothing to Uncapped in the game’s Settings > Video page
    • Disable Raptr (also called AMD Gaming Evolved) in your AMD/Radeon settings

    Game Takes a Long Time to Load

    Sometimes the game seems to take more than 5 minutes to load, or possibly hangs on the Mirage Splash screen.

    0_1490300342874_Mirage Loading Splash Screen.jpg

    If this happens;

    1. Manually force the game to close by pressing CTRL+Shift+ESC and shutting down “TBL”
      0_1490027989608_task manager.jpg
    2. Launch the game again; it will likely load very quickly

    Low FrameRate

    Before you try anything else: Quit the game, exit Steam, relaunch Steam and try the game again

    If your low framerate persists;

    • If you have an AMD video card:

      • Update to the latest AMD drivers and/or set Framerate Smoothing to Uncapped in the game’s Settings > Video page
      • Disable Raptr (also called AMD Gaming Evolved) in your AMD/Radeon settings
    • Ensure that your game is using your dedicated video card (GPU) to launch the game. “TBL” must be on the GPU’s application list. This site will show you how to setup/confirm your GPU is used for the game.

    Try using the game’s Auto setting for Video Quality
    Image may not fully represent in-game configuration screen

    • Try using the game’s Auto setting for Video Quality


    • If Auto does not work, reduce Shadow Quality and Effects Quality first, then try
      lowering other settings, including Resolution Scale

    • Reduce the Ragdoll Duration and Blood Pools settings; these strongly affect performance

    • Reduce your FOV (Field of View) setting; FOV Increases visible area, at the expense of performance (more of the world is being rendered at once) and perspective distortion.

    • Closing other CPU-heavy applications can improve performance

      • Close Slack or similar messaging applications
      • Close web browsers while playing
        • Try turning off predictive services on your web browser’s Settings, particularly those that include entire web pages (Google Chrome example shown in image below)


    Matchmaking Issues

    Restart Steam to solve most Matchmaking or Server Browser Issues

    Potential issues include;

    • Matchmaking is taking a long time or returns a “Not on the guest list” error
    • Server Browser list appears empty

    Internet Latency (Lag) or Packetloss Issues

    You may have issues with Internet Latency (also called lag) or Packetloss if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms;

    • High Ping (visible on in-game Scoreboard)
    • Your character is very slow to respond (delay between your input and actions performed in-game)
    • Teleporting opponents
    • Opponents who deal damage without appearing to move
    • Your position seems to be reset or jump forward
    • You have difficulty performing wall-jumps/vaulting

    Solutions that may improve your latency or packetloss;

    • Adjust your Matchmaking and Server Browser Settings to use a lower Ping value
    • Avoid downloading on your system while attempting to play online games
    • Ensure that nobody in your house/residence is streaming or downloading while attempting to play
    • Some internet routers allow setting priority to specific devices; set your PC as priority
    • Avoid playing on a wireless connection - Wifi users often experience packetloss
      • You can use powerline ethernet devices for ethernet cabling solutions if your computer is not in the same room as your internet router

    Use these links to learn more about internet ping and packetloss.

    If the above solutions do not help, please follow these guidelines for posting

    Before we can assist you;

    • List your system specifications
    • Describe your issue with as much detail as you can
    • List any of your own troubleshooting steps that you’ve already taken
    • Locate and post your logfile (found here; \Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MirageAWTest\TBL\Saved\Logs)
    • Run a dxdiag;
    1. Go to Start > Run, or hit Windows Key +R.
    2. Type “dxdiag” into Run and press Enter.
    3. If you are prompted to check whether or not your drivers are digitally signed, you can select “No”.
    4. On the main page of the DxDiag that opens, click “Save All Information”.
    5. Save this to a text document. You can drag this text file into a forum post. (if the file is too large, please use Pastebin and post a link)

    It is entirely possible that your system is outdated and will not be able to run the game at “good” framerates.

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