LINE battle map.

  • Both sides start in line not far away when round starts you can’t run away you move forwards when everyone dead on one side reset line battle.

    If you played battleground mod they had a line battle map that was fun like that.

  • This is a job for the map makers after the game has been released. Not devs.

  • That could be a game mode, like the battle mode in M&B, but without the ridiculously big maps.

    A CS styled round system.

  • Jeeez, could you imagine the amount of team kills with all the slashing noobs, in a line battle. Oh my, does not sound fun.

  • No it really doesn’t. Plus, to take an example, look at Battlegrounds. The gameplay that the designers have engineered is really fun, the maps are engineered to be objective based and all you get most of the time is custom linebattle maps that are boring as crap. This would be a terrible idea and does not even represent the type of warfare that would have taken place in this period anyway.

  • I so want to ‘like’ the previous comment. Come on web developers! :D

  • I believe he is actually referring to the LMS element of the BG2 mod, where essentially, two teams are pitted together as normal, but if you die, you don’t respawn until one team wins.

  • Such a gamemode should not be the focus of the game, but it would of course allow for the bigger battles suggested in other threads.

    “Normal” maps are balanced for the 8v8-12v12 range, but battle maps wouldnt have such restrictions, as there are important balance factors as distance to the choke points and respawn times that wouldnt simply be there due to the nature of the game mode.

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