Duel yard in the official servers, is it possible ?

  • Late at night like 2am monday or something too few ppl play. At that time we try to get small maps like ffa arena3 or duel moor but arena you have to reset every 10min and that includes a loading screen also duel moor takes way longer to re spawn wait time etc so we get ffa bridge, ffa frost peak , ffa arena , ffa dining hall etc…

    Is it possible to add 30min ++ duelyard with no or low re spawn time to the official servers ? Duel yard is by far the best map for training since you can heal, respawn faster , get faster to someone and have way more fun than waiting respawn and loading times in arena3.

    Ps: SA official servers are only TO, all 4 are TO, i’m suffering with those problems :( if someone could make at least one ffa or duel would be very nice.

  • @Dashimir we will be updating our servers in Brasil when we are no longer trying to prepare a new game for release. Posting on all our forums with multiple requests will not make this happen any faster.

  • One was about duelyard for all oficial servers and the other was about Brazil.

    Ok ill try to wait :( but it is only 1 map 60mb 1 mode TO-FFA 5min update can u guys try it ? plz ?

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