Best of Luck today Launch Day TB

  • Best of Luck tbh for Launch day of Mirage on the Steam Store:
    I posted a few announcements in my groups also. Nb the times is 5pm Gmt
    on the Steam Store for us plebs in the uk hehe. Also taken of reddit an extra beta gift key
    for Purchases at the steam store

    A bargain all round tbh. Although you won’t be seeing me until later in the week on the battlefields
    of Mirage purely due to deciding to use a more powerful pc for my Mirage game play which isn’t
    my pc used to watch movies or play low settings chivalry.

  • Good stuff purchased my copy special edition no rush once the parcels are sorted out its another Chivalry plus a
    beta key is that correct? I must say those other things look very interesting indeed , I do like hats must admit

    edit: Just switched to a game rig untested but with 4790 32gb ram plus gtx690 but still deciding on another one.

  • Avve has Mirage: Arcane Warfare BETA 1 hour ago
    Where is my Chivalry-key?
    I bought the special edition which is supposed to come with a key for Chivalry, but where is the key? I was going to give it to my girlfriend, since I already own the game.
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    St. Loin has Mirage: Arcane Warfare BETA Just now
    Yes tbh I thought the original texts did say a full copy of Chivalry was included as a special edition purchaser . Its what I read over 24 hours ago on main sitey

    I thought so did you edit the original wording or change it to free alpha key because quite a few gamer’s said
    they expected as per texts a free full copy of chivalry for the library before this free beta key was in the texts prior.

  • Chivalry was free to download yesterday. (Might still be free, can’t check.) You didn’t need to purchase Mirage to get it.
    If you pre-recorded Mirage, you received a extra beta key.

  • Developer

    @Wilt it should indeed come with a Chiv key. Let me know if the extra key is not in your inventory somewhere, it might be something we need to bring up with Valve.

    EDIT: Nope, I was wrong. Its setup to be a free copy for the purchaser only. Its mentioned in the description of the special edition content. BUT Chiv IS still free right now.

  • no rush tbh thx

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