Mirage Beta Preview & Patchnotes

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    As of March 27 at 10 a.m. PDT, the Mirage Closed Beta is live!

    Read our full preview with images, music and animated GIFS or browse the patchnotes below…


    These changes are some of the more relevant to you as a player, it doesn’t represent the full changelist and you may notice other changes in-game.


    • Tutorial - a short introduction to the basic mechanics of the game
      • A new tutorial can be accessed from the main menu by hitting the Training button
    • VO options now appear in the same order as Chivalry
    • Added falling screams
    • Spectators can now be votekicked
    • Added idle kick
    • Idle players will be kicked after 120s
    • Added 5s cooldown to suicides


    • Rebalanced all damage values
    • Rebalanced all health values
    • Reduced character collision radius from 50 to 45
    • Reduced player essence’s health boost and cooldown reduction
      • This is the little orb that drops when a player dies
    • Rebalanced Stamina to put more emphasis on your own stamina management
    • Reduced Stamina taken when blocking
    • Increased stamina taken for mobility, missed swings, feints etc


    • Adjusted all ability combo timings to flow better with melee
    • Reduced all melee recovery times
    • Reduced parry up time slightly
    • Increased Interrupt & Blocked duration slightly


    • Lowered Jump & Wall Jump mobility
    • Jumps and/or mini jumps are no longer allowed during the activation of various abilities

    Third person

    • Updated 3rd person camera position for all classes
    • 3rd person is now capped at 105 FOV
    • Updated the camera with new collision functionality to get a better view of combat at all times
    • Fixed some camera animations having too strong of an effect in third person
    • Improved projectile interactions
      • Projectiles like the Alchemancer’s phoenix and piercing shot will now deflect back the Taurant’s boulder instead of getting destroyed by it
        • Many more interactions like this have been added or improved from before


    • All Characters

      • Improved Levitate/Carpet interactions
      • You can now have full on melee exchanges in the air without dropping
    • Taurant

      • Shove & Explosive Punch
      • Improved movement and targeting
      • Charge
      • Increased speed
      • Made the final knockback smoother and more reliable
    • Vigilist

      • Fixed ward strikes floating movement and the lunge that happens on release
    • Tinker

      • Increased Grapplehook’s travel speed
      • Increased Dervish Range
      • Backflip
        • Now adds an air dash to your next melee attack
        • Reduced cooldown
      • Stasis
        • Reduced duration from 4 to 2.5s
        • Reduced cooldown


    • Completely new Main Menu
    • New Keybindings menu
    • Added many new options including gore settings
    • Updated post-game flow and UI
    • New votekick UI
    • Added custom in-game cursor
    • Double clicking a server in the server browser now joins it
    • Server browser now keeps its settings between refreshes and sorts better
    • Right clicking a keybinding entry now clears it
    • Increased chat display time


    • The main menu now features our main theme song
    • Rebalanced audio levels and polished many ability sounds

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed issue where certain in-game menus wouldn’t show a darkened background.
    • Fixed in-combat music kicking in when hitting certain world actors.
    • Fixed gamepads Y axis not getting inverted with the “Invert Y” option.
    • Fixed issue where push to talk would activate without the users input.
    • Cooldowns are now visible when the ability is silenced/unavailable (Stasis/Iron Dome).
    • Fixed Taurants breathing sounds not stopping on death.
    • Various client and server stability issues.
    • Various performance improvements in gameplay and levels.
    • Possible failed hits when on higher ping servers.
    • Player weapons would sometimes disappear.
    • Matchmaking problem where players would be stuck in “hosting session” and not successfully join a match.
    • Abilities would sometimes not be available for use after being interrupted.

    Known Issues

    • Possible black screen instead of video playing in the background of the main menu.
    • Alt-Tabbing can result in a crash or hang, particularly when in fullscreen or during a loading screen.
    • Level specific loading screens will sometimes not appear.
    • Battlecries and other voice commands will sometimes fade out before they finish playing.
    • Blocking a beam attack may result in your next ability not properly animating.
    • Sometimes players will stop playing movement animations.
    • Resolution settings will sometimes not apply unless Window mode is also changed.
    • Wall jumps and vaults may fail when playing on a higher ping server.
    • Some sounds may play globally.
    • Some Audio options will not properly apply volume changes.
    • Impulse will sometimes stack resulting in ragdolls flying farther than expected.
    • Some debug text may be present.
    • Alchemancer block effect will display in different locations if stationary.
    • Performance may drop if many players are progressing through the tutorial at once.
    • Tutorial bots may become unresponsive in high ping situations.
    • Tinker bubble will drop players before the effect wears off.

  • when this beta end ?

  • @blazenfr The beta should run until the second week of May.

  • Official game release in May ? …

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  • Ok thx

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