I cheated in chivalry and was banned, can i play this?

  • Ok so when i got bored of chivalry, i used cheat engine for the speedhack. Once i got bored of that i quit playing the game for about a year. Well i loaded back up the game one day to find i was banned. Fair enough. I am not going to make excuses i was a dirty cheater and got what i deserved. I am interested in playing mirage, however i would like to know if i will be banned from the servers for my little stint of cheating in chivalry. Thanks.

  • @ouza we are not carrying Chivalry bans into Mirage.

    VAC bans for speehacks or cheat engine are automated by Steam and affect only the game you used the cheats in.

  • Thank you for the quick reply! Cheers.

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