Not Launching on Mac

  • I got Chivalry on steam for the mac today, I’m running a mid-2012 macbook air on OS sierra version 10.12. I start the game, no window opens, and it isn’t responding. I have tried reinstalling, didn’t work, nor did verifying the game cache. I run an intel graphics 4000 1536 MB, any solutions?

  • @jwdogg609 sorry for the delay. Are you able to update your video drivers at all?

  • I am having the same problem. I used to be able to play it, then one day it might’ve crashed or something and when I reopened it there was an apple dialog box saying something about restoring the window size. This is probably related because i could not play after that event happened.

  • I just looked at the local files and noticed there were no files except for I remember changing some settings in this folder for lower graphics, but that was before a reinstall.

    EDIT: Looked in application support folder and found the files i was talking about (changing settings). I think the local files folder is supposed to be like that.

  • @Aero9 the configuration files should be separate from the main game files.

    Do you have any more details about the window restore message?

  • after a little bit of digging i found what i had been talking about. Here is an imagealt text
    It was chivalry instead of Mail.

  • @Aero9 that looks like a crash message.
    Can you please try verifying the Chivalry game files in your Steam Library?

  • Verified, but it’s still not working. I’m trying to launch it from the chivalrymedievalwarfare folder, because when i launch it, i see an option for “Window” on the menu bar. I saw one solution somewhere talking about doing something there, except while my mouse is over the menu bar, it goes to the rainbow loading cursor. I can’t open the dropdown menu.

    I can hear the music and sounds for the torn banner logo, but no music from the game. It says it’s not responding.

  • Was there an update for the new year that increased the minimum system requirements?

  • @Aero9 our most recent update for Chivalry was in December. Changes in that update should not have affected the minimum system requirements.

  • Just made a little bit of progress.

    I updated my video card drivers by upgrading to MacOS Sierra. I can now see the torn baner logo, but once it gets to the keyboard loading screen, it stops responding. I’ve seen other people talking about the “infinite loading screen”.

  • @Aero9 What kind of video card do you have?

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