No server in Server Browser

  • Hello,

    I have alredy tried to join the steam update beta and to overide the MasterServer2.vdf file.
    Have already disabled to firewall, rebooted pc and restarted steam.

    I’m still unable to browse servers. I can join by following a friend playing in a server. Don’t know if I’m able to add a server to favorites cause I don’t know any server ip and port.

    Can someone please help me?

  • TBS is doing all they can to alleviate this issue, but unfortunately the primary problem rests with Steam, and this is effecting some players in multiple games.

  • Something really needs to be done about these servers. They work fine for a day or two, and now today I started the game, tried to join someone off my friends list. Got a weird message,(some question marks and the word invite was in it i think) had to click confirm and now server browser is blank. Cannot get it back. Does not happen with any other steam multiplayer game i play. Only with Chivalry. It is getting very frustrating.

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