Keybinding Issues

  • I’m feeling a bit the fool but I cannot get the keybinds to change consistently. It sometimes changes things to left-mouse rather than c or doesn’t register at all. A little frustrating but understandable in a beta. Is this a known problem?

  • I haven’t tried these yet being a leftie player, yet from exp I suggest if your trying to rebind keys esp mouse attack
    that you make say mouse 1 for example something completely different say crouch and mouse 2 say jump etc.
    When you try to do it other wise games often refuse as M1 is often attack so it refuses to make M2 attack:

    So then when you make that new bind for a mouse key its not conflicted etc.

    Likely the only left handed veteran of chivalry tbh thanks to mastering how to configure games for lefty play.

  • There might still be some lingering issues that you have to hover your mouse over the box even after you’ve clicked it to change key, it was like that in an earlier iteration of the alpha but I thought it had been fixed.

  • Just spent 10 minutes trying to switch my alt attack and jump buttons on my keyboard, got left mouse button over and over again, cried, raged, here I am!!

  • Well in this Beat it all worked out nicely tbh. I even figured out why V wouldn’t take for my jump key being
    a left handed mouse gamer, it was due to voice bind… Best way is to simply rebind everything to a part
    of the keyboard you don’t use. for me that was all keys from J towards the Right side of k/b.
    Then simply come in rebinding the exact keys you want on the part of kb you actively use.
    My keys are now as good as my chivalry setup. Even my parry M1 with V for jump is working
    any other secrets of my bindings fall under the official guidelines with shadowy figures sent
    out on contract hits hehe.

  • Sorry for the frustration; our keybinding menu is still in progress and not all keys are able to be bound yet.

    You select a keybind by single-clicking, then pressing the key you wish to bind. Double-click will result in activation then binding the Left Mouse Button.

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