That magic man

  • Not sure about that crosshair of his tbh a round circle ? What ever happened to good old cross hair cross
    Also he seems very weak also the teleport range seems to short to me. Cancel into parry seems daft to
    also hehe. I was thinking my mouse was buggy but the character was parrying with my fire button ?
    I do miss the old Q3 cross hair stuff you could tailor ie Crosshair type 2 CrosshairSize 3 etc…
    my suggestion is to have some niceties buried in a few console command for players wanting to
    make more specific configs. A big circle just doesn’t seem good to a hardened fps old skool player like me.
    After 4 maps or more then I only found out he could fire those things, I was running about just doing spells
    when abilities recharged hehe… Lastly if you die and respawn those abilities should be ready not in charging

    Why that’s like respawning in Chivalry without full health or no stamina or even unable to use a sword for another
    20 seconds: Which is a lot of your in a TDM game to find enemies at your base killing folk tbh. As you respawn

  • @Wilt thanks for the feedback. You can disable the Dynamic crosshair in the Settings > Game menu.

    It sounds like your rebinding to left-hand settings has interferred with your parry/LMB options. Can you please post your keybinds so we can try to make this smoother in the future?

    Alchemancer has an overhead and thrust melee attack just like the other classes; activate using Mousewheel Scroll-up/down.

    Many others are also requesting cooldowns to reset on spawn; we may change this in a future update.

  • @Reithur

    Wont that result in complete and utter ability spam as soon as any battle takes place near an enemy teams spawn point?

  • @Salomon That’s why it doesn’t currently reset on spawn, but this makes dealing with spawn-campers very difficult. We’re looking at other solutions to discourage spawn camping.

  • [ What I have come up with for a left handed player is:
    move forward back left right = W S A D with forward sprint to W also:
    abilities = Q E F as per game ]

    [ Jump = Left Ctrl Crouch = V
    Slash main = Mouse 2 Parry = Mouse 1
    Mwheel remains same as over head forward stab. ]

    any other keys sling over to the right of keyboard rebinding example V for voice you could make R or a key right side of board. team chat could be [ all say ] team say toggle views o or p etc : keep left side of keyboard clutter free tbh.

    This saves uncomplicated left hand confgs often meaning a complete rebind of keys as lefties usually use
    the middle of keyboards ie IKJL and space bar for jump plus weapons around the uhn’/’ :
    often games dont allow such rebinds so system above is best for lefties tbh.

    Using Mouse 1 for parry might seem odd but its a finger you can’t multitask with hence M2 for attack allows use of
    mwheel switching or in combo to effortlessly work : Left handed players using my config suggestion at top
    should find with slight practice a vast improvement. Usually in shooting games ie quake3 Mouse 1 Would be jump.
    well for lefties wanting to progress to clan or higher skills ie jumping shooting strafe runs:

    But as its Mirage I suggest left control for jump and parry is Mouse 1 very fast to learn.

  • @Reithur I would also suggest on death the ability regeneration times are halved then. Thus it might make spawn
    attacks just a waste of time without hopefully major game changes. This means you keep the essence of whatever
    TB was thinking of by waiting for abilities to regenerate on respawn but simply halves the time only in that situation
    of respawning after being killed. When not killed in combat ability regeneration times stay as they are now tbh.

  • @Reithur I’m glad that there’s going to be some effort to reduce spawncaming. It tilts me when our team is super out-of-position (at their spawn) and it works lol. Unfortunately, Mirage doesn’t have the natural spawn-protection of Chivalry. There’s only 6 people that can come to your aid, juxtaposed with the veritable army that meets you at the enemy spawn in Chiv.

    Best of luck solving that one.

  • As a Chivalry veteran and Mirage player can you assure the community that Mirage won’t end up as Chivalry is now
    in pub games, ie Rife with 130 upwards to 180 spinning dancing, glitching on purpse plus RoH combos to the point
    of madness tbh. Atm I see many games with the top usually being all vans 3 or more even more with this class being
    used in a nasty way due to faster swords and longer range added to the mentioned prior. Tbh it’s silly seeing
    these so call gamers with 30 to 2 kdr day in day out using such stuff. Even low rank ones have picked up on this

    Mirage is good because it seems from what I have read such a doting on one type of class by TB it seems is not
    happening or plans to. You have to understand many chiv veterans share my view of vanguards with these traits
    lets not forget they even have more throwing knifes also.

    It got so bad today I witness even a ffa full of veterans kick a few of new / old kinds of vanguards today and it takes
    a lot to make a server full of vets begin to be sickened with any feature of this game usually hehe.

    So I ask keep this in mind for all the classes in mirage with a forward looking view not to let any class become
    the known fast farming class with such zest by any player new or old .

  • We’ve already put a limit on FOV (and more tightly restriced 3rd person FOV), removed reverses, have weapons balanced for Mirage’s interrupt system (first-hit flinch) rather than Chivalry’s hit-trading, and have limited console command access. We have implemented class limits, but are still trying to find what that limit should be. All animations in Mirage are much smoother and more readable than Chivalry’s are, plus Mirage has more telegraphing to help you see more clearly what is happening.

    We do not wish any particular class to become “overpowered”, but we’re still balancing individual classes.

  • That’s good to know idd. I intend just to play magic man and listen to that good music on each match tbh.
    After soon 5 yrs of just knight , longsword it’s time I sat back lazily and enjoyed being a wizard hehe

  • Played about 5 maps today with a few config changes, ALCHEMANCER Character , I stand by my idea of respawning
    without abilities or in countdown is rather bizarre as I came out of base a group of enemies were below of which
    it would have been nice to drop a major ability onto them but guess what , none available despite coming out
    of respawn. This feature needs to go imo as mentioned prior post: Also what is the point of some loud graphics
    banner saying we are near victory or defeat as it appears to be very distracting if in combat to the point of myself
    with another team mate stopped fighting in combat thinking match was over hmmmmn…

    simple timer top left or any edge of screen I suggest appears like a fps counter of a game capture fraps
    countdown 2 mins or what ever the time is now. Also why can’t ALCHEMANCER actually ascend upwards
    diagonally when he flies with a limit off course as to height? Why bother leaping up like spider man
    when your can fly up , as the ALCHEMANCER any way. Lastly trolls camping spawns or edge trolling maps
    not doing else but that no team helping or interest in team work should be kicked off servers by admins
    later in the year tbh, esp edge or head to enemy spawn to troll it and kill etc yada

    edit: I noted a feature where you pickup enemies health is it that gen. I actually suggested such an idea yrs
    ago on this forum for a mode of Chivalry a sort of challenge stage for knights to get a foes health .
    Allowing for my Knight Challenge through a long corridor to fight various knights from 1 up to 2 in combat prowess tbh

  • lol i didnt read anything else but i will mention the same thing has happened to me, where the close to victory banner popped up and i thought the round was over and jumped off a cliff, my surprise that it wasnt over yet, it is quite extravagant i suppose but its something that can be gotten used to

  • Rather pointless if they don’t answer feedback tbh. Not any answers yesterday or art/vids etc.
    They encourage us to make gifs and art or videos yet ignore them same old rubbish is you expect us the
    community to jump hoops for you but ignore them. Interesting look at the credits also tbh names in that
    list. What about all those other testers who spent time playing it.

    Then I read on reddit not here btw that after beta once again our rank is reset? Let alone finding I can’t
    go above rank 7 atm but others have 12 or more , why its almost like they didn’t need to buy the beta
    but had it left in place selectively gifted by TB. Lastly are we to understand after the 3rd of May Beta
    ends leaving us with no game to play until its then released on the 23rd of May? hehe, its outrageous !

    Without complaining I question if your planning to infact have first camera view for spectators
    it does seem in 3rd only atm. Are you also going to use my suggested left handed setup as a
    choice in the key bind menus sort of a left or right setup by default

    Still I made quite a few recordings at fovs 97 105 110 and 120: Imo fov 120 with mouse full at sens 10
    is incredibly good stuff, very pleasing. If you really had a comp league in mind I’d suggest just 120 in first:
    Meaning to say no changes allowed in a league mode: 120 nice for melee and relaxing magic support of team
    I would really suggest tho 1st person spectator is essential for potential clans and coach’s to watch players
    judge skills and decide where on map they are to be in team be that ctf, flag capper or mid escort or base def etc.

  • @Wilt are you saying your rank is locked at 7?

    There is a match timer in the top-center of the HUD.

    We already have a 1st person spectator camera; press P when you are locked onto someone while spectating.

  • Bizarre as it might seem suddenly today after 3 more maps it went past rank 6 finally, I took 4 screenshots prior
    of no rank up but a locked icon despite my playing games TDM to completion .

  • @Reithur We already have a 1st person spectator camera; press P when you are locked onto someone while spectating.
    Well this is very good news I will look at this later tbh

  • We’ve had a couple bugs with our XP gain, but these should be fixed in the next update.
    We adjusted our XP required per rank since our Alpha, so everyone who played in the alpha had their rank go down.

  • Well my rank was to zero when I purchased the Special edition it showed 0
    Is the Rank I have earned now in Beta going to remain or be set to Zero when
    game releases just for clarity. Secondly once again I must add in TDM mode
    endless maul users killing entire team in base before game 2 or more maulers
    which lead to some plebs who actually thought they had to carry on team killing
    even after match started hehe. I see no point in it tbh as it as a blight in Chivalry
    imo but veterans got used to it:

    In a new game such as Mirage on its final release many games will not understand that
    or get grips with it who might just think its the norm to team kill in any mode all match for a while:

    Secondly once again I repawn get to middle of map to see a party of 3 enemies to find I actually
    have no abilities at all to fire with on them? Don’t you question the logic of not having a full range
    of abilities once your actually at the middle of a large map after respawning and leaving base?

    Lastly on a recent match crash of server I noted 4 or 5 enemies below our spawn window about to
    simply come into our respawn area and have a good killing session hehe… knowing players respawn
    with no abilities does invite such trolls to hit bases you know.

  • Sorry to go on about this but I have a valid suggestion for this> How about a portal wall that allows
    respawners to walk through it but no enemy to walk through it into a spawn area - This could mean
    players can wait for abilities to regenerate under the current system with no fear of being killed on
    respawn by enemies. plus leave base safely when they are up to prowess if they choose to tbh.

    This kind of system would also mean no changes to ability regen timers would be needed at all.

  • All ranks/progression will be reset after the beta ends anyway; they’re currently in the game to test that it functions, but we may be adjusting XP rates or other progression before the beta ends.

    We are working on ways to discourage spawn camping; you should see this on some maps in the next update.

    The pre-match time is intended for players to select their loadout and try out a new ability or weapon; locking movement as was done in Chivalry would prevent this. I’ll take your feedback about pre-match teamkills to our team.

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