ALCHEMANCER ability not working

  • I’ve been playing this game a few days after beta release, and I’ve not come across any major bugs. The only bug which is annoying is the Alchemancer ability Phoenix; it just doesn’t work. You can cast it 1-2 times and then the ability stops working. It doesn’t have any cool down either.
    Also being able to block projectiles pretty makes no point for range characters. The Alchemancer fires very slow projectiles and to be able to reflect spells as well as closing the target makes for an easy kill. The shield character makes sense but a sword? really? if the projectiles were fast then it wouldn’t be as bad but it’s so slow.

  • @Iced_Upf Alchemancer Phoenix has a few bugs we’re working on.

    The fire-sword was a placeholder; we’ll have better effects on this soon.

    Alchemancer used to have much faster projectiles, but this was very spammy and he was actually overpowered. Some of other projectiles will rebound off of his fireballs, but not all; this is to prevent a strong ability with long cooldown from being nullified by the Alchemancer’s “free” projectiles.

    Alchemancer can parry and redirect projectiles just like the other classes.

  • Thank you for responding a appreciate it.

    I’m glad that the Phoenix is getting worked on.

    I agree with the Alchemancer projectiles being spammy but comparing to the range class in chivalry it’s quite a letdown. Unless in the future maybe you can change the projectiles, for example, quick cast time but low damage or slower cast time but much stronger. Similar to the bows and crossbows.

    A long range mage would be interesting because I loved crossbows in Chivalry. increasing the speed of projectiles but slower or even charging times would be amazing to create the close to long range versions of the spell. There is a reticle that increases but doesn’t affect the projectile if I’m right?

  • @Iced_Upf those are some cool ideas. We might be able to do something different with his projectiles in the future.

    Can you please clarify what you’re asking about the reticule?

  • @Reithur I was just saying that when you fire the projectile the circle increases but doesn’t affect the distance or damage. My idea was just to add speed and distance if you could hold on to the fireball for a duration to change from close to long range, like the bow in chivalry.

  • @Iced_Upf Thanks for clarifying. I don’t know if we’ll add this, but it’s an interesting idea.